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Sandy Claws sure has a rough job. Between deciphering cryptic scribbles, dodging tripwires, children wanting to go home with her/trap her, dry-cleaner mixups, and goddess knows what else she has to deal with. She deserves a pat on the back and a good stiff nog when she gets back home.

Treat yourself to one as well. You’ve earned it.

Thanks! Yeah, Sandy Claws’ job is fraught with peril, and the kids she’s delivering to are getting a little wiser each year. Will Arc have her revenge next year? Stay tuned… ~__^

wanted to say sorry about the thing from before, thing is I just get into a funk every time I read one of the comics on here, great job, proud of you, keep it up big guy. :))))))))

See, this is why you should never say anything without proof. Otherwise, you just get coal for Christmas. But yeah, this was a great special. Hope all goes well for everyone this Holiday Season.

Merry Christmas, RazorFox! To you and all your Draconia Cast!

At least Arc can re-gift her present to the Earth Dragons. ;3

I’m sure Saph can make a snack out of it. It’s like giving her one of those big popcorn tins. Thanks for the Christmas wishes, good sir, and the same to you, too! ^__^

Indeed. But hey! Tyree and Cree get a GREAT present. Their mama is Sandy Claws!!!!

I’m sure Tshila doesn’t mind the added responsibility. ^o^

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