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i can’t find the dojo page, i forgot what he said back then.

I feel sorry for Jazmine. No way for her to have Quick since he is already committed to somebody else.

It doesn’t have to stay that way though. It’s actually a problem with many protagonists like Quick where they conveniently end up with the first girl he meets/is interested in at the beginning of the series…even when they seemingly get along a lot better with other characters who he DOESN’T have problems with.

I’m not saying he can’t end up with Chrissy but his love life doesn’t have to be that predictable either.

Aw gee, a cute girl that’s totally into him or a 2-dime hoe who is all angst, “baggage” and all that rubish. That sure seems like a difficult choice.
Quick should have dumped crissy from the start, she’s not worth all the trouble she means

As much as can be agreed, minus the pot-shots, it’s still Quick’s choice to make–Though I still believe Jazmin is the better choice, I’ll watch this play out and hopefully Quick won’t be date-raped by one of the more lusty swimsuit models by the time he’s forced to make another decision.

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