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miles got chewed out by mora, minos is next, and alejandra is trying to calm her new partner down. and now someone wrecked the kitchen. now what, should we expect a familiar pelt to adorn mora’s fireplace or something?

Saved by the crash.Someone was about to get his head caved in. And I see after conning Minos, Miles is still disillusioned that he was helping after that half @$$ job he did.Some people’s egos are so big that they start believing the lies that they tell themselves.

I think you are still in disillusioned to believe that Miles ever does a job full heartedly. This is what he considered to be a good days work: fix something minor, got to movies, ogle the passerby. Sadly this is why he is my favorite character

Just because I understand why he does the things he does doesn’t mean I agree with it.That is people’s problem.They think that because they understand why someone does something that makes it okay.Because I know why you are bad tempered all the time doesn’t make it okay to fly into a rage every second.Same way because you know why Miles does things half @$$ed doesn’t make it okay when he does it.If you have something to do especially something important like this you do your best and get through it not just toss it aside or do it half way because you don’t like it.Minos realized this and regretted it .But Miles and Rachael never need to learn lessons.Minos trusted him to do it and he didn’t even care.

The MO of a con man.You don’t care about the consequences of your actions as long as you get something from it and you convince yourself that your lies,tricks and actions are justified to stave off the guilt.That is Miles’s character.One of a con man and people love him for it.It reminds me of that American Dad episode where the jury wanted to let Roger go no matter how many things were said against him .They just kept on saying how nice he was no matter what

Wow… so many things I disagree with. Where to begin? I guess I’ll start with one.

So it’s okay for Minos to suck at a task and pass it on to someone else just as long as he feels guilty about it, but it’s not okay for Miles to take over and actually accomplish something?

“If you have something to do especially something important like this you do your best and get through it not just toss it aside…..” You mean like Minos did?

Miles tricked him into it.He took advantage of his vulnerability in the situation.And to make it worse he didn’t even bother to do it properly.If his plan was to do it half way anyway then he should have not even bothered to offer.Minos feels guilty for what he did while Miles is still pretending he was just kindly offering to help Minos and it isn’t his fault in any way.He took advantage when he was insure of his position.I don’t see what is so hard to understand. If you help someone and you aren’t doing it out of kindness and only for your own gain and add to it you don’t even help them properly that is not ‘helping’. In short if you take advantage of me or blackmail me then do the job halfway that is not a good deed.You are not a good person. You are an advantageous sneak. It was bad when Mora took advantage of people and it is no less bad when Miles does it.

Miles tricked the all knowing sage? At least be honest with yourself: Minos didn’t want to do the job, Minos wanted out, Miles was offering him an ‘out’, deal accepted.

Keep telling yourself that Miles is the devil who “tricked” Minos. But just remember that at least Miles accomplished something – what Minos was supposed to do in the first place. If you’re not going to do your own job then you don’t have a say when it’s not perfect.

I meant that to us he will always do a half a$$ job. The difference between Miles and Minos is that they have different views on what a good days work is and what you must do to accomplish said goal. While Minos considers a good days work to be on the fields all day till the sun drops, while Miles considers a good days work to be different. To us, we see this job as a half assed one, but to him he saw it as good, efficient and smart.

And I really don’t see Miles as a con man. Unless you were implying that, I see him more of a self interested person. He does things to help him and to his standards. WHile they may coincide with what everyone else wants, he doesn’t care so much.

Not having a proper work ethic is not the same as having a different work ethic.I am not saying Miles should work in the fields from dawn til dusk but he can at least put some effort into important things like this.Hiring the right people for the farm was important and he just decided to be so flippant about it.If he never intended to do it properly then he should never have offered to do it for Minos and let him try on his own.Even if he doesn’t want to do his own work with as much effort as Minos does then don’t interfere with other people’s work.He should have stayed out of it and let Minos do the job.He could have done it he had given him the chance but instead he only saw a chance to take advantage of him.Now they have a whole bunch of people that may or may not be qualified to do the work.

If he wants to screw around and get yelled at or fired or punched or whatever that is fine but he seems to want drag others down with him and interfere with their jobs as well.I understand his personality and his work ethics and his priorities just fine.I just wish people would stop pretending he was helping out of the goodness of his heart or something.Like I said with Rachael if they don’t like their jobs or situation they should leave and stop

And BTW self interest and taking advantage of people is some of the main traits of a con man.What do you think the people who con old people out of the pensions are? They think only of themselves, don’t consider the damage they are doing and believe what they are doing is fine.Minos truly feels bad that he let Mora down and Miles is just ‘I didn’t do anything’ putting the blame completely on him.And if Minos had stood up and told Miles to f**k off then he would have been the bad guy because he didn’t let Miles ‘help’ him.

Well it’s a good thing that the kitchen needs an upgrade anyway, I mean look at that fridge, it’s old and doesn’t have the cool fancy upgrades with the dual doors and what not. And have you look at that cabinetry it doesn’t have that rotating platform to put your stuff in it and needs more space anyways!!! (Not to mention of having an indoor grill and smoker >;D)

go vote for las lindas on topwebcomics, its ranked 524th 🙁 it dserves to be higher

with how bad the story has been so far? ..nope. seems about right.

you can leave now

because i like Quality story writing like there was when it first started? .. nope I’m fine.

so why bitch about this comic being in the lower half of the ratings? If it doesn’t get the votes, it doesn’t get the votes. You don’t reward people for crap story telling and replacing actual character integration with meme spouting and game and my little pony references and get to have your work called “more worthy then 500 or so other people who actualyl TRY to write their comics.”

According to Mihari, LL’s low ranking on TWC (and the others here on Katbox) are due to their choice not to participate in the TWC. It’s not due to a lack of quality of writing or support of their fans. If you’re such a prolific writer, then give us a link to your work or STFU & GTFO.

Also, who cares what other people think about the Katbox? Considering the number of people that know about it, and those that do love it. If you hate it, why are you even commenting your hatred? Have you seen the artwork? Have you read ALL of the comics available? I’m with JFRANKSTA on this. GET. THE. HELL. OFF. THIS. SITE. FOREVER.

Don’t get too into this. I actually know people like this IRL. and over Xbox. I happen to be one of them, unfortunately so I can explain it a bit. My kind seek out attention to try and prove our intellect or some other quality we may feel insecure about. MacLeod won’t let this go and won’t back down unless A. he finally gets satisfaction from this at some point(which has a high probability of having this continue anyway) B. he gets bored of it, or my personal favourite C. in which someone correctly calls him on whatever aspect of himself he’s trying to prove. For me, i’ve always been extremely intelligent and get terrified by unknown subjects, which cause me to spout nonsense while trying to sound like I know whats going on. Still unsure of the aspect for MacLeod, however. I guess the point is, ignore him, he’ll get bored, and then probably go bother someone else.

Yeah, I started to realize that. I’m the same way with the intelligence thing and unknowns. I’m well read, I’ve seen most of the classic movies, I’m not picky about music (unless it’s bieber). Crap, where was I going with this? Oh well.

yes, yes I have, I’ve read all the story lines, even the ones that where abandoned for no good reason. And I saw this comic with only one Mary Sue in it fold into a comic where Everyone is betraying their previous characterizations, Not developing, or just spouting memes in place of actual dialog.

I’ve also seen the art work go from awesome and new to “why the hell do a tiger, a jaguar (maybe leopard) and several other cats have a squirrel size tail that looks ridiculous?

Not to mention the fact that IMPORTANT things where just glossed the hell over, like Moras daddy? .. what.. just.. show him for one page and then just sweep it under the rug?

You may be content to suck on an artists cock because they draw big boobs and have innuendos out the ass and shout memes and references like a bad Reddit board, but I for one am dissapointed when good and well done stories are shoved under the table or canceled because they want to continue the dead joke of Breasts are the Best or Learning Curves, both of which translate into *Lawl titties!.. want story? ..nope.. more titties”

Also you should really get your keyboard checked, its doing this bad all caps, period behind every word thing. It makes you look retarded.

Smartass, it’s the written equivalent of enunciated shouting. And you know what? I don’t give two shakes and a fuck about the large breasts. The breast to body ratio for most of these women is what I consider unattractive. Each individual comic is driven by donation, so if you want more out of the dead ones, give.

You say I’m a smart ass, and then you explain it to me anyway.

I wonder, how much of your day has this ruined or made you angry for?
Because here i spend my day, log on.. see this, add a response and go about my day, I love how you blew over the story issues in this comic btw.

What, and give my works story line away before its published through Dark Horse? ..dun think so Chucky.

And writing aside, one does not need to be successful in the field or popular to know that something has degraded in quality or lacked it in the first place.

Where’s YOUR work to tell me you’re better then I am?

First: I never said I was better than anyone. I simply appreciate the time, effort and expense this guy puts out for our entertainment.
Second: A couple of posts ago you said “Quality story writing like there was when it first started”, and now you say “lacked it in the first place”. Flip flop much?

That is a bullshit argument, and you know it. One does not need to be in the same field to understand when a webcomic has degraded in quality. and quite frankly, I’d have to agree with MacLeod.
The only thing is that I love this webcomic. I want it to thrive. So it’s sort of my job (and yours as well) as a reader to call ‘bullshit’ when I see it. I don’t need to be able to write a grade-A story to recognize a poor one, or even to notice a downgrade in quality, and that should NEVER be the case.

Why does Miles not finish his plane to get out of the place only to come back after a couple chapters? I really want to see the absence of an impact.

You’re right and I don’t like it, because I don’t think Geecku has nothing to do in this story… there is enough plot without her. Of course is Chalo’s decission because it is HIS comic, and I know that many of you like the idea, but in my personal opinion, I don’t like it.

Maybe a good way to make money is to possibly make the comic, or the mini series a bit option oriented? Like you choose 4 options for stuff to happen in the comic and people donate money to the option they want most? I mean I remember in the previous posts you saying you could use the extra cash, and if that doesn’t sound too rude of me to say, it might help out, no?

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