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OMG…They doing something to Kimi!!! that MAYA!!!?

yep thats maya.. i can only guess that she going to walk over to the light and see kimi and neokonny looking at kimi as she transforms back into neko kimi

ughhh im sooooo intensly glued to the screen i must know more XD

The light!!! They’re using the light!!!
*smacks forehead* Of course! There were two elements, the bell was only one part of a set. They used the light to turn Kimi neko and the bell turned Nekonny into a neko. When the battle turned for the worse, Kimi merged the two into one, and when the battle was over and she turned back into a cat, the bell and the light must have split apart again. Now that the bell is gone all that remains is the light, but because it is no longer needed it is being used to right a wrong: Kimi’s death.

I think you need help

I’ve been way passed that point for awhile now

at least your wiling to admit it

SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT’S GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok the short version is Kimi is being brought back to life in her original body while Maya just happens to see the flash of light a few yards away from her (end of explaination)

Nah, they are converting all the remaining energy into a micro-thermo nuclear device, the blinding light is it going off, the next comic will be the shroom cloud over the island. Kimi and Nekonny will finally be together… in death! *cackles*

the activated the: reborn the monster card

wasn’t t called Monster Reborn??

they switched it around mid season

Its honestly kind of poetic for Maya to witness this.


correction she is being revived back in her “shell” so we’ll see next time

All we are doing is assuming what will happen, we can’t really know ’till they give us next page, tho most of the assumptions are cool to read… But what if, instead of bringing Kimi back, they are going to go back in time just in order to not let all of this happen? Hmmmm? 😛

This blinding light … Maya, don’t go towards it !! It’s not destined for you, really …

On the other hand, so what they’re doing is … Giving Kimi her previous, real life back, as a cat or Nekocat, or will she be granted new being, some new blank story to start over with?

Curiosity kills the cat, right? I am a big cat, a snow tiger, so I am gonna die soon for asking the questions xD

Since this the final chapter of Carribean Blue I’m gonna ask, any plans for future stories with the cast of CB?

I thought I’d ask now, as opposed to when the chapter is obviously coming so as to avoid the problem of wondering if the question/message got through.

*Sighs* Please don’t revive her… that’s such a cop out ending. *Facepalms.*

So you’d rather have Kimi dead?

Yes, if it would avoid the cliche “love revives dead person” ending yes. I thought we were going to have one of those bitter sweet endings that show you that not everything turns up roses… It looks like we’re getting generic ending #5. It will become pointless to have killed her off in the first place. “It’s okay we’ll bring her back to life cause you love her. No harm no foul.” I thought that Nekonny was going to be bold here.

No, the cop out ending would have been Maya come in at the last second sacrifice herself and Kimi and Nekonny live happily ever after in Nekocat forms. Alive…dead… it doesn’t matter, won’t please everyone. So if you feel sighing and hitting your head will make you feel better with any decision please… continue. :3

No, this is indeed a copout. You had her killed off only to go “Oh, but it’s okay, she can be brought back thanks to the power of love, so all the drama was totally worthless in the long run!” You might as well have not killed her in the first place.

hay we’ve been given false leads all though this comic. so save the judging tell we see THE END please.

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