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Omg, are they going to sacrifice there existence to let her live!?!?

There are 2 possiblity I could think of;

1) They could gives Kimi a chance to be alive and have new adventure with Nekonny. But, not just let Kimi to be alive but also can communication with ancient nekocats ghost.

2) Same thing as the number 1 guess, WITHOUT ability to communication with ancient nekocats ghost.

If you have more guesses than I have, you’re welcome to reply!

ghost butt

Waitwaitwaitwaitwait… WAIT! You mean they may actually have a chance of being together after all?! Why didn’t they say that in the frist place instead of letting us all cry over Kimi being dead!?!

Honestly, whether she becomes alive again or becomes Nekonny’s “spirit guide” doesn’t matter as much to me as the idea of them just being able to be together after everything they’ve gone through.

We all think they will revive her… BUT NO!!!
that would be a great plot twist :v

What if they bring her back, but shes forgotten everything that’s happened as a result.

Wow, come to think of it that really does happen a lot in media when people are revived.

I like where this is going! Looks like Nekonny and Kimi get to have another dance by the moon light!

Ohh dammit man, did I predict future or what? xD I tho they will (and I hope that’s what they’re mummering about) try & make her ‘real’ again, not just the spirit … Like give her back her own body & such. Simply thinking about this possibility makes me sooooooooo excited 😀

I hope, really HOPE, Kimi will be back to her life, but also with her memories !! That’s too damn important right now, ya’ll know ??

but I already dug the grave

Then fill it back up with dirt. =P

that’s not the point

Plant some flowers in it, it’ll brighten up the graveyard, or wherever you’ve dug it.

I think the Nekocat’s Ghost Revive Kimi (Whit Hiden Motive) and after some Adult enterteinmant. A Big Happy Family. Nekonny, Kimi and four daughter’s (white certain similarities to four well known Spirits)

And Tina get her kitten’s

P.S. Sorry about my Bad English

I actually rather like the idea of them having four daughters and they look like the old Nekocat guardain spirits…I think that’d be pretty cool actually

Why? Genetics don’t work like that.

I know lol trust me, I’ve looked at enough general info on genetics to know that wouldn’t normally work. However three things
A) Our orange tabby there was originally human, so his ‘cat genes’ aren’t exactly normal by my guess
B) Cat fur patterns/color genes are very funny in the way they work. You could clone a cat and it will not look like the original cat because of how mutanagic their genes are, though it’s more likely two tabbies will have tabbies, it’s possible they can have a baby that won’t be. Slim, but possible.
C) It’s a comic. About nekos. And an evil bunny monster and a person who turned to a cat. The rules of this worlds comic don’t exactly follow the laws of ours lol

So yeah, while I’m aware it doesn’t normally work that way, given the above, it’s possible.

That and I suppose they wouldn’t have to LOOK like them, but they could still be the reincarnates of them. 🙂

I just noticed something… bbottom left panel, those two look veeeeeery much like Tina and Yuki, and have veeeeeery similar personalities, the Tina-looking one being all “lets do this” while the Yuki-looking one is like “gotta think for a second…”

scary, to think a Tina existed in the past and was a Nekocat guardian O.O;;;

While lots of people are assuming that they’re talking about bringing Kimi back to life, “let use it, one last time” makes me think of the energy weapon (aka the Hammer).

And that doesn’t seem to be a tool that would do much with a spirit. On the other hand, it does all types of stuff to physical forms (just ask our ex-villain).

I’m wondering if we’re going to see Nekonny made into an honorary guardian spirit so that he can spend eternity with Kimi? (A lot better than spending the few years left that they would have as cats.)

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