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And now we get to the part where Kimi will say goodbye to him and that she’ll always be in his heart.

Unless the Nekocat spirits allow her to go with him for the future adventure so she could protect him from any of danger.

She could use her new skill for sensing any of dangers to protect him from getting harm since both Nekonny and Kimi relationship are so powerful, powerful enough to see each other and looking out each other.

and maybe just maybe like in the movie ghost she will share a final kiss with him and slowly fade away with a smile on her face so to speak, and Nekonny might be able to move on (and before he leaves the island he looks back and sees a huge image of Kimi in the sky with a faint echoing voice that only he can hear and whispers goodbye my love)

even though she will no longer be in land of the living she will forever live on in his heart and all i can say for this is kind of my own way to help allow spirits gain peace “by the holy light may the heavens guide the spirits to peace so that they and those they cared find inner peace”

Man, firing the Feels-Cannon on full output man, why you do this D:

That’s … well, I was expecting something like this, but I am surprised it happened this soon. She’s not a ghost – she’s a spirit. She’s got a body – made of energy. She can feel, not physically, but mentally. I am quite happy that she thinks the same way as Nek now – it means they both mean a lot to eachother.

Now I wanna post sth strange & I hope funny 😉

1- Any1 else noticed Nekonyy got like HUMAN FINGERS on photo #1? XD
2- I want them to kiss 😉

Watched too many Gundam series. This is like another one of those Newtype bonding moments where they’ll say goodbye but they’ll always be there to watch over them and giving them strength, and thanking their loved one for giving them more then what they wanted. Maybe…maybe Nekonny is a newtype *le-gasp* lol

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