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My momma always said good things come to those who wait

My momma always said good things come to those who wait, patience is a virtue, fortune favors the bold, look before you leap, there’s no time like the present, and he who hesitates is lost. Looks like it’s a tie, 3 to 3, the useless platitudes are at a deadlock. Now what I think is that if he wants to start the WHOLE THING OVER from the beginning, he ought not torture his readers by building it back up from scratch at a rate of ONE PAGE PER WEEK, but if he does, damnit he had better manage THAT minimal rate!

I’m sorry, but I can’t work any faster.

Hey, Nixie. I check in every once in a while and see that you’ve put up more pages, and I read through them all, and when I do, it makes my day. So on behalf of all of your loyal readers, I’d like to apologize for the ignorance and arrogance of the one titled “fred”. I hope you’re having a great day, and I, along with everyone else, eagerly await the return of our favorite comic artist. But in the meantime, I’ll find something else to occupy my time. <3

Brother, let me ask you: Do you pay for this content? Does anyone force you to check it every week? No? Well, then STFU there are things in life that you have little control about. Children are one of them. Take a chill pill, put your feet up and do something productive until Nixie gets the whole situation sorted out.

You know, at least she gives us updates on the situation, not like certain other author *cough*TwoKinds*cough* who doesn’t even bother to inform his fans about delays in comic schedule anymore.

Lol he did say somewhere he started going to school again

Key word being “somewhere”. I have a lot of other webcomics to look at though.

Still, sad to hear of the problems, Nixie. I hate it when my styluses get damaged or lost. I currently have two Wacom Bamboo styluses as one got damaged and stopped working, then started working again withoutr explanation. Spares are useful though. I keep one at home and one in my laptop bag.

Let me give you some advice; Make sure you keep your expensive tablet pen or anything that are expensive to keep out of reach of children, including yours.

There is no way to keep it out of his reach. He can reach all the way to the back of the desk now, and he tried to play with it while I’m using it.

Hope this doesn’t sound rude to ask, but does each web artist decided on the addition of comments to their web pages? Since Las Lindas’s comments don’t load anymore?

Yes, each artist decides if you want comments on their page. DMFA and Las Lindas now have no comment areas. You can still go on the forums to discuss the comics with other fans, though.

nixie ithinki may have found a cheap pen replacement

You seriously show and expand on the cuteness of seals. And considering all the twists and turns that will come in the future of Anthronauts that will make my brain jog in trying to figure things out and just suck me in more, I do hope you take your time to make it all a rich story. So in other words, keep up the great work and take your time Nixie, your baby comes first and foremost.

Whoa. A wierd comic page and a wierd journal-like commentary from the artist below it. Where do I even start?? I guess with the comic… That dude is such a creepy jerk. He kinda reminds me of Boris, especially in the panel where his eyes glow, hehe… I look forward to seeing how Ramalach interacts with him. Nice of Ramalach to ask that Ron be left out of it.

As for your misadventure at the grocery store… Man, that sounds super awkward. X.x

It’s a sad commentary on our times when a simple act of kindness on your part elicits such a reaction of surprise from a stranger. I’ve become ill from a store bought (and cooked) chicken before as well. I’m glad you have recovered.

Terrific comic, by the way, it’s one of my favorites.

You know; O’Raelly does bring up quite an interesting point. Is there any reason as to why Ron didn’t credit O’Raelly for funding the expedition to the museum? Granted everything that has happened since his return, I highly doubt Ron would be as shallow of a person considering his relationship with his father and all. I mean Ron isn’t that dense…is he?

And from the dialogue, I suspect that Terrato has some kind of telepathy with his other selves. That would explain how O’Raelly managed to keep taps on Ron and his friends…and his father who he clearly had a crush on. XD (I couldn’t resist that thanks to the second panel there. Seriously, the text in the second panel could be read in a way in which he had the hots for Ron’s dad. Also, the previous strip with O’Raelly staring down at Ron’s lower body didn’t help matters. XD)

Man…now I can’t get that out of my mind. O’Raelly could so pull off that accent too!

As for the blog post, perhaps she was considering the tip you gave to the old baggers charity. On the plus side, it could be so much worse…the daughter could’ve been there too!

For some reason I’m picturing Ramalach speaking with Michael Clark Duncan’s voice…

And I like it.

I once joked about him talking like Gilbert Gottfried and i can’t undo what i did to my own brain. XD

I am guessing that Gilbert Gottfried is a character on “The Big Bang Theory” and if so, I must agree with you…(he sounds remarkably like Elmer Fudd) the only thing that would make it worse would be if Ramalach looked like him…(Elmer Fudd,that is) :-0

IMHO… A line from the movie Constantine…where he comments on the “half-breeds” Just a word from one of them can turn your greatest pleasure into your worst nightmare…From Ramalach’s whispering to Ron I think he could do something similar..That old sadist is in for a rude awakening…

Sorry to hear about the food poisoning, I know that pain all too well. This strip is really great, both in itself and that it gives you a better picture of O’Raelly’s true personality. Dark. I’ve wondered for a time though, and the question comes strongly to mind seeing Ram popping out, do the Devions have multiple forms? Because he appears fairly small and nonthreatening when we normally see him. Of course, hanging out of Ron’s head as a giant reaper of souls may be somewhat difficult, but I’ve wanted to know for some time now, and I’m sure there are others who wonder the same thing.
I’m glad to hear about your swift recovery, and send my best wishes for good health your way.

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