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This fruitcake has been passed down the Cheng line for generations !

they are heading to “The farm”? Could this be connected to the farm from the fungus comic perhaps? Just a wild theory, <_<

WOW!!! Hold the phone…that fruit cake has been around for 300 years. By goodness gracious, that must be like really moldy or really high in preservatives. XD

Worse comes to shove, she could “sacrifice” the red shirt. XD

Also, a shout out to the white people of CB for sacrificing their life for Boris’s rage.

Geez, in this incarnation all the characters are stupid, insane or both. It would be SO much better if you just went back and continued the old incarnation instead. C’mon, no one will hold it against you. It was a mistake. Write it off as a learning experience.

Don’t know why everyone keeps complaining about the change. Then again, I’m new to the series, and I’m enjoying it immensely. 🙂

Still think her stealing food and feeding Mrs. Borris is the lesser of two evils, afterall Rexly can always eat some Lynx and a Lynx could enjoy the taste of hot fox. It is true you can live on love alone, yet must be an enormous amount of love.

I thinks you have a problem

Sorry man you can have her, shes shedding right now getting in her winter coat from what i hear.

Glad to see AS over here in the Katbox. I’ve been reading this strip since it was hosted on SmackJeeves and it always makes me laugh. The dialogue is hilarious, the artwork is clever and quirky and the characters are unique in design and concept. Keep up the good work.

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