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What did Lady Red pulled that make her say “ow”?

Wow Dragon fight.

here is a picture

I am adding Earth Dragons to the factions I support in this series. I now side with Tigers and Earth Dragons.

Though I am really worried about the earth dragon that made a certain tiger go… squish.

PS: Eone looks like shes throwing up gang signs in 2nd panel. It made me giggle.

OOOOOOOOO IN YO FACE LADY RED! hahaha. about time someone told her that. now if only eone and meta can come in contact with kilani on there way home, boy would that be a miracle.

I’m still waiting to see if Kenzi is actually dead, until I See a body, I’m not going to believe it

I like how Lady Red furrowed her brow hard enough to tear her skin open in panel 2. XD

And those expressions in the last two panels…I wonder who would win in a draconic elemental smackdown? =O

They are on the ground with no room to take off earth dragons hands down.

I believe the reason they’re on the ground now isn’t because they can’t take off; it’s because once they *do*, the canopy is too thick for them to spot any tigers running below. If Eone and Meta were to make a surprise attack while they were still earth-bound, it wouldn’t be much of a contest. However, if Red and Cinder went airborne they would have to follow (lest they burn the forest down around them), moving further away from their element. Soooo…it’s pretty much a matter of circumstance.

Aaaaand now I *really* want to see a 2D fighting game featuring characters from The Draconia Chronicles. /)OoO(

I know this has already been commented on many times before but, I really do like the detail with Red’s (and seemingly Eone’s) skin peeling off. I’m just wondering what’s causing that. Was it the lava heat from a few days ago? Or is it just molting naturally like a snake’s?

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