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you do outstanding work razor you never cease to amaze me . rock on razor fox give em hell

are they going to be disapointed when they find a lump of rock that used to be a cat?

She is quite confident. I mean, ok they are 5 against 5 right now (unless i missed one or two) but one of them is half blinded and she is herself in a bad state already.

bisano sometimes the tide turns in battles like this sometimes you win sometimes i win in war

but the matter of truth is no ones wins in war. it is like my priest said to me its all about me I want my way.

center of intentions we are all selfish sentient beings you when they say were only human but in the cosmos

in other life

were sentient beings it’s sin nature or selfishness its in the blood we wan’t power and control
its like tears for fears acting on your best behavior turn your back on mother nature everybody
wants to rule the world.

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