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“I’ll ‘FROTTLE you”, ha ! XD

KENZI: V’hat’s totally what I would to v’hat dried up, frigid bitch if she ever even f’hinks about doing v’hat to me again!

but you deserved it

KENZI: Ennek deserves a good roll in v’he clover wiff’ a striped stud! V’HAT’LL put her in a better mood. Swear!

And, just when the shit hits the fan, MORE shit hits the fan with Kilani surfacing! Going to be very interesting next page. ^_^
Also, no worries about the wait. Things happen, and breaks are required every now and again. So relax, I’m not ready to take out the whips just yet. =P

And the gold medal for competitive breath holding goes to….

Kilani gets the silver, as all my Draconiacs get the gold for waiting as long as they did for this page! ^o^

I should get the gold, because I don’t have to take a breath

So are you a corpse?

no, im not a corpse, many years ago I was minding my own business preparing a grave, when a group of graverobbers threw me in and buried me alive. minutes after my death a witch (who i was preparing the grave for) reattached my soul to my body. I came back to life and hunted down all but one of the guilty. then the Undertaker hired me to guard the sacred urn.

but sadly not all of my body functions returned

Just finished the archive. Very nice comic. Good art, good charecters, and good overall story. I look foreward to seeing what comes next.

Tigers may be happy in water but they aren’t fish. And it was impossible for Kilani to hold her breath and hide underwater the entire time. Especially with all this fighting going on.
As much as I’d love to see Ennek finally lay some deserved smack down. I can tell Kilani is going to be the detraction needed to end this fight.

“Frottle,” How do you frottle a person? Especially when she’s the one being beat down.

RAZORFOX: Kenzi, I think you would answer this question best.

KENZI: F’anks, RazorFox! When you ‘frottle someone, you clamp your hands around v’heir necks and squeeze v’hem really hard until v’hey pass out or die. I f’hought v’hat was perfectly clear.

RAZORFOX: Thanks, Kenzi. See? That’s how you ‘frottle–er, throttle someone. ^__^

*Laughs* Gotta say, I love Kenzi’s ‘accent’. ^_^

LOL! I love scripting for Kenzi on account of that lisp she gained ever since she “busted her toof’,” as she put it. I will deliberately find “th” words for her to say on just about every page she’s featured on, just to play it up. ^o^

>..< omg wet pussy lots of them.. gimme one?

Take your pick! ^o^

The Tigers need to get the right priorities and work as a united species if they do not want to be wiped out by the dragons.

Oop…looks like Kilani couldn’t hold her breath long enough after all…this’ll make things interesting….

And yay, new update! Been awhile that’s for sure.

Thanks for your patience, and letting out a yelp underwater can certainly accelerate the need to inhale. For those of you with really good memories and exquisite tastes in manga, I actually borrowed the bit from a scene in “Ranma ½.” ~__^

I know I’m probably going to make you gasp as much as Kilani on this page, but I’ve never read Ranma 1/2, or seen the anime.

I love watching Tigers fight in the water. Do you know Tigers are the only feline of the Felidae family that are inclined to play in the water?

Also, I love how Kilani is bursting forth in such a majestic fashion!

Indeed! Which is why I’ve always loved putting the Tigers in watery scenes. And thanks for the love on Kilani’s dramatic surfacing! I actually acted it out myself before drawing it. ^__^


You thought you knew her… ♪♫

they just had to push it, didn’t they???

funny how Ennek is hair pulling

Ponytails aren’t just a fashion statement; they’re also a liability in a catfight. ^__^;

I’m sorry Razor, but it is with a heavy heart that I must drop this comic. I just can’t stand seeing the only good or at least decent characters constantly get abused and shafted, while the sociopath, murderers and general asshole characters are the only characters that have anything positive happen to them.

I have nothing against you. In fact, your art and personality is amazing, but this comic just isn’t for me.

I’m sorry to hear that, but I sincerely respect your decision. I’ve always tried to treat each character as being just as likely to have good things happen to them as bad things, which I feel is a lot like real life. The interesting part is seeing how they react to and cope with these things. Sometimes good things happen to bad people, and vice versa. The definitions of “good” and “bad” are entirely based on one’s perspective, and that’s one of the underlying core concepts within which I try to work while crafting this comic. Characters grow in amazing ways when you test their resolve. I invite you to come on back later on for a visit, but if not, then I hope you enjoyed your time here while you were a regular reader. You’re welcome back anytime. Thanks for reading! ^__^

Am I the only one that’s wondering what happened to the tree she was next to when she went under?

well, that stopped the fight. someone might still die from some horrible coincidence, but let’s just relish in the awkward moment created for us right now.

Hey, Razor!

i know you probably have a busy schedule and all, but I was hoping you might think about attending another GA convention, even if it’s not at a booth. It’s an anime convention called NerdaCon and it’s held in Columbus, GA, and it’s no stranger to comic artists and furries. I can e-mail you more information if you’re interested so I don’t clog up your comics comment section.

I hope you consider this!

Thanks for the recommendation, but right now, I’m pretty much maxed out for the conventions I’m attending. I still haven’t decided which conventions I’ll be attending in 2014, beyond the three “official” regulars (Katsucon, Anime Weekend Atlanta, and NekoCon), but I can really only make one trip a year down to Georgia, so AWA is it, at the moment.

What is Kenzi’s accent anyway to make her talk like that? Russian maybe? Or just a lisp of some kind?

RAZORFOX: Kenzi, would you do the honors?

KENZI: Goddess-damned blue Dragon charged at us in v’he Khalira. She wasn’t really v’here, v’hough. Just some decoy. Lunged at it and went right f’hrew it. Busted one of my front teef’ on v’he cave floor.

RAZORFOX: Thanks, Kenzi! And she’s right. Busted a toof–err, tooth on the Khalira floor. You can see it happen on page 271. ^__^

KENZI: So embarrassing. v__v;

Does anyone else *really* want to see a frame-by-frame gif of Kilani rising majestically from the water (complete with splash and hair effects)? Anyone? =D

Kinda like Ariel’s iconic shot from “The Little Mermaid?”

Yeeeeeesh. O////O
Someone, anyone, take my money–take my KINDNEY–just make it happen!

Gravedigger calls his lungs

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