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Was this the last page? Seems like an ending but doesn’t feel like one. Nice Yosh! cameo though.

do you think their on honeymoon?!

Please see current Yosh! bonus comic 😛

which one?

Nekonny is one lucky cat

How so? Because Kimi is coming with them or the fact that his head is stuck between Yuki’s twins?

So… same world as Yosh?

So it appears Kimi isn’t bound to the island as it’s now former protector, that’s good news for both her and Nekonny. I hate to see them leave, but I guess it has to be done.
I do wonder how long it will be before Tina begins pestering them for those kittens, lol.

Too bad they won’t do April fools teaser comics again because they got hounded to actually make them. If they did, I can picture it from Nekonny already.

The cover for it

Caribbean Blue 2 , Quest for the Nekonomicon:
Chapter 1, Return of the Nekobell.

Below that would be a post going on about how much they regret that some of their beloved characters never got the screen time or development they deserved & with the story of the main group moving elsewhere they never would. How they felt so strongly attached but wouldn’t bring them back without a strong story & reason, & a way to keep it from being an unwieldy burden on their creativity & workload. Some talk of how the comic will therefor be mostly small one shot comedy arcs for maximum Cameo & Beefcake/Cheesecake potential, & small adventure arcs for maximum cameo & crossover potential. How an ensemble cast will help keep things fresh, & how because writing a story like this & keeping it from getting dark & depressing is HARD, they asked “Sage”, the guy that does Yosh, to help with the storyline. How no one reads the comments when archive diving so it’s mostly safe for spoilers. Outlines about early plotlines like the Bio-nomicon, an artifact that has all knowledge of combining life to make hybrids in it’s pages. How it’s responsible for monster creation & for the were-races. How spawn copies of the book are being used to create catgirls out of girls that want to “look cute for their boyfriends” with the Nekocat spell, & how that earned it the name Neko-nomicon.

Wish I had the money to fund this. It’s sounding better and better to me. Maybe someone else would like this.

Nekonny, lembra daquela vez quando você disse que iria fazer um prequel de Caribbean Blue?
A historia é sobre o que exatamente?

Naquela epoca era uma historia mais sobre o dia-a-dia das vidas da Tina, Yuki e nekonny, e suas aventuras em diversos “mundos” (tipo, eles jogando videogame, ou a yuki sonhando, etc…). Creio que a versao original ainda este online em algum lugar, em algum mirror site da geocities XD

O prequel vai ser um reboot, pelo menos da arte, mas vou tentar seguir a historia original (eram umas 60 tiras ao total).

They’re leaving now? What, no celebratory we-beat-the-ultimate-evil island party?

so apparently not only did Kimi return back to life it also seems like Tina and Yuki can now understand their language and not just meows, also Nekonny does not seem to be protesting much about being handled by Yuki there same way as Tina with Kimi so perhaps next time will be adios Caribbean Blue Inn

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