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and now they have to break into there own ship.. let the damage begin!
and boris you cant take bath with your clothes on silly dues cant get thru your clothing like that only your head and and wrist wiill get the dust and maybe you underwear and such but not your entire body

I did notice that the lay out is different but I didn’t notice that it was TWO 4koma strips beside each other. I read it from right to left and was completely confused for a while and it kind of killed the comedy of it for me. It might help to have a divider in the middle or something to let people know how to read it. Just a suggestion.

I have it written in white letters on a black background right above the comic page that the two columns read from top to bottom, left to right… X_X

Whoops! My apologies I didn’t notice it. I really should check for these sorts of things more often. I’m chalking this up to reading this on a tiny phone screen… That and I’m also inept when it comes to reading!

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