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Ooh burn!

I actualy agree with Trevor here, there’s still no reason for any girl to particulary like Quick, so many guys are much more fun and interesting. Like Ravin. Don’t see enough of him, this guy is awsome.

I do not agree with you.
Trevor is immature, undependable, and full of himself.
Any woman who likes him is in for only disappointment and shame.

I agree. Trevor thinks he all that but he really ain’t.

Are we talking about the same guy?

No, Because blackwind is way to quick on the buzzer to complain about Ravin, a character he hardly understands and can’t wrap his head around. XD

I didn’t notice anyone else writing this guess about the previous two weeks, so, if Fi is pregnant, I am guessing she may choose to undergo an abortion. She is young, in school, and earnestly working to develop a career as an actress. An unplanned child would scuttle her plans and desires. Any others leaning towards this outcome if she’s pregnant?

Not I.
An unborn child is the ultimate expression of innocence. It is a child who hasn’t been given a chance of life. I have yet to meet a woman who has regretted giving birth (even after rape). I have met several who have regretted abortions… especially after they see other women with their children.

I’ve volunteered at shelters. I’ve met plenty who regretted giving birth to their child/children, though only about half regretted the child, as such. A lot of the regrets involved the kid dying or otherwise suffering because the woman chose to keep them.

Of those who did not, many had given them up for adoption, and of those, many tore themselves up both for doing what they did to get pregnant, and for giving the kid up, even when it was what was best for both of them.

Treating this as an all or nothing proposition is…imprecise, at best.

Let’s not turn this into another one of those is abortion good or bad debates.
Now if Li IS pregnant i think abortion might be a bad step since im confident Li will make a good parent and im guessing this heads up will give her abou 8+ months to prepare.As for her carrer:comeback albums.

Heeeey i missed him.
He brings eeeeviiiiillll the comic usually lacks( I doubt well be seing the other jackass anytime soon) but he seem different. Psychologicaly.
P.S. Nice ones Quick. Can’t afford to be your usual pussy mode around Trevor eh?

wait who the hell is that???????????

the douche bag that tried to seduce Chrissy during a beach vacation and gives Quick a hard time cause he thinks because he’s a student teacher women should fall for his egotistical manners

oh that douche, can I kill him now??

have a blast knock yourself out make sure he can fit in a matchbox

Meh too flashy for me.
I like the quick and brutal methods.Sometimes torture.
(Oh hell do i have some good torture ideas.) ;D
And that seems to much work for some ash.It’s ash how hard can i be to get rid of it?
You can put it in your fireplace.You can say it’s the ash of your great-great-great grandad. Hell, you can jerk off on it and throw it in the toilet.
Now TEETH! Those are tricky.

Damn. Quick just got some balls cause that was a slick comeback. I’m impressed.

does anyone else want Skye to kick Trevor’s ass?

i’d preferr Jazmin kicking his sorry behind better you know how brutal she can be

oh, Godai, typo, third panel, “For you Information”

There you go, Godai. He got it fixed, Dakota.

nooooooo, really? I hadn’t noticed *sarcasm mode*

im about to shoot your sarcasm

I love when Quick made a good comeback and got Trevor burned. I want to see both Chrissy and Quick to get marry. Both Chrissy and Quick are perfect couples.


yeah i’m sensing a “but” coming

I don’t really see how he uses her all the time. What is she counting hanging out with her? How is that using her? I’m using my friends when we go to AMC to watch a movie?

Either way I think she’s smart enough to know she’s also a selfish manipulative asshole too with how she treated Mora, Minos, and her sister. So I’m sensing a kinship forming between these two. There ain’t no law against being an asshole and everyone else can deal with it!

Good point! If anything according to Rachel’s past. She uses Sarah so many times just to get out of doing things she didn’t want or just to not be adoptive or “held down” if anything. Rachel’s a massive hypocrite who has a god complex that she’s holier and she had it tougher than anyone.

Also Rachel doesn’t have to stay with Miles either, she can easily leave. She’s dragged with his shit because she wants to hang around. If anything Rachel is practically the female version of Miles except less horndoggy and more of a woman’s perspective.

oh, we can comment here again? oh boy!
I love you, Rachael, as much as ever, especially because you can ALSO be a selfish asshole. She has so much more heart and drive than Miles does, though. I think these two have things in common and they have an amusing dynamic… as friends. I still really really REALLY hope they don’t become a couple, even if it’s been painfully hinted at many times. guh. Miles will never ever ever deserve her. Not to me at least, lol.

This is OMG. I love this duo, their dynamic is the best in the series so far (it beats the relationship between the tiny toots and the shy Patches) and this smirky face on the Kitty Cat is just so mysterious and I hate that I cannot really get anything out of this just this obvious BUT. I really hope that they somehow end up in a relationship because their dynamic is the best and eventho Miles is striving on to not depend from anyone. He cannot help but feel guilty about the 1 night stand and she wants to somehow make it right. Eventho as he said they are not dating, which is kind of false as they could be called a couple just a easily. And if I am right and they WOULD end up as a couple then they would have a higher chance of having a “Good“ night than the everslow Taffy-Randal.

Thank you for this amazing comic as it gives me great pleasure for so many years now and gave the best characters I have ever experienced

Oh go shut up Rachel. We already know in the side comic “sisterhood” how you basically forced Sarah to be around by any means necessary. If anything Miles is a college student who simply wanted better than in life. He didn’t want to have a desk job if anything, he wanted what any guy wanted. Just to have babes around him.

But sadly life doesn’t work that way. I would understand if Miles was on the streets, but he wasn’t if anything. He was still growing in life. Rachel on the other hand is a smart and a particular child prodigy. She knows how to pick pocket and set up fucking home invasions as if it was talking about boys and gossip toys.

Of course, that doesn’t excuse Miles’ actions by a long shot but it’s nothing to laugh at when it comes to Rachel. The level of being smart and the level of being experience is clearly in a chasim between the two. So honestly this whole tire “OH MILES DOESN’T DESERVE RACHEL BECAUSE SHES BETTER THAN HIM” shit needs to die quicker than that fan girl bullshit that Katbox did.

So in conclusion; Both parties are horrible people. Rachel’s even worst than Miles if anything. Seeing how she has kidnapping and manipulative forms of thinking around.

Is it just me or is anyone else seeing white text on a white background?

@chuck yeah me too. I also feel like there’s an entire page missing before this one. I haven’t checked up on the comic in a week so I went back and forth between this page and that ‘previous’ one but it jumps from Miles saying he wanted to be responsible to Rachael somehow psychically knowing that he slept with the other girl lol

While I’ve never been a fan of Miles with his attitude I fully agree Rachel is not much different from him in the manipulative department. In a strange way they’re both supremely dysfunctional in regards to ‘bonds’. Despite Rachel adores Sarah and their bond; she’s also used it as a crutch alone with her narrow-minded view of certain things. She ran away from home as she felt she was a puppet or plaything of her parents, expected to perform, but felt little affection so she ran. Yet she distanced herself from people until Sarah wormed her way into her heart; and then upon hearing some of Sarah’s biological family is looking for her; cooks up a run away scheme just so Sarah ‘isn’t taken from her’. Plus there’s also her own willingness to ‘use’ the other housemates and then for a time was ready to ditch them all at a moments notice; throwing their goodwill in their faces.

That said Miles is far from the better person. His childish rationale gave him his own warped sense of ‘bonds’ in that he sees people as tying you down; but yet he selfishly wants the good parts of bonds (especially sexual ones) without the hassle and effort one has to maintain to keep said relationships afloat. He views everyone as ready to use and abuse you; and lets that justify his own ‘use and abuse’ attitude; despite he’s met lots of people who defy his mindset. He expects life to go his way but when the effort is outside his comfort zone he whines and blames everything else but himself.

In a way they’re both toxic people who frankly need to grow up. Whether each other ends up helping with said growing up; I do not know. Honestly I think Rachel’s in a better place to ‘grow up’ while Miles still has A LOT of baggage to get over and come to terms with. Rachel’s had a lot of her faults thrown in her face and she was forced to accept them; Miles so far is still heavily in denial-ville; with this current arc seeming to finally have cracks forming in his shell.

We shall see as frankly I’m not holding my breath.

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