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NO, you cannot change.

if you change you forfeit


And this bra you cannot chaaaa-haaaange. And this bra you cannot chaaaa-haaaange. Lord knows you can’t cha-yay-yay-yay-yay-yay-ange! (done to the tune of Freebird)

FREEBOOB!!! *waves lighter* xD (gods i just showed my age there didn’t I x_x)

Most of us are right there with you.

big time

Sure, you can change, it’s shirts vs skins.

Ah but who the skins? Ya have to be specific or ya may get a surprise ya don’t like.

if Chrissy is skins im going to take pictures

Then you find out that you cameras busted. lol

well it appears that at least jenny didn’t mess up Quick too much to be seen in public, anyways it’s mighty refreshing to see that Chrissy is willing to be his substitute in the competition (despite the fact of not being to change clothes at the time) this looks promising as it means she does not mind doing something for Quick at a moments notice XD.
now to see what kind of moves she got in game :3

she’s just in her pajamas. what gives?

What gives Cory is the fact that all this has gone over night and into morning therefore Chrissy has not slept and neither has Raven
(They broke night and still running on “impulse” power until they run down)
And other circumstances come along

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