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I take it that the black swirls are some kind of unearthly power

I was glad to have gone to a college course that didn’t require buying a single book. college books are insane in that they require you to buy the exact edition so that doubles in your book being worthless by the end of the year and not being allowed to buy an used one from someone who just finished the course year. That’s what happens when you have colleges guaranteeing a monopoly for specific publishers

At university we had one of our lecturers tell us what chapters we would need so just go to the library and photocopy it. Also was told a great trick was to borrow a book from the library on the friday before a long weekend. Some books were only able to be borrowed overnight but seeing the library was closed on the weekend you could keep it for a extra day.

My college course technically has a textbook for about half the subjects, but I never used the two I did buy (which cost me ~$300 first year). I’ve subsequently sold those ones and never bought a book again, except for one that cost $40 off of Amazon Kindle because why not. Has worked for me so far.

So basically Yuki claims that there is no sense in ever using Patreon, since you can get the comic anyway without paying the artist/author anything for his work.

@jackmcslay:disqus : Yes, college books are often a pain, especially if you know you don’t need to look into them later, but a good teacher tries to get his course up to date, so with an outdated book you won’t be able to follow the course completely. So you either complain about a bad teacher because his course isn’t state of the art, or you complain about a bad teacher because he always updates his course so you can’t use books/scripts/etc from the last year students.

So basically you’re saying;

“Hey there dumb artist! How dare you make it possible for people to give you support of their own free will? I refuse to acknowledge that your years of training have any real worth to me, even though I am amused by them and keep coming back. No sir, I’ll take my free entertainment now, and you should be honored that I’m giving you my time!”

and also,

“Oh tenured collage professor, to whom I will burden myself with backbreaking debt! It is not enough that I pay the highest prices in the world for the worst education, but please, allow me to also thank you! Yes! Thank you for making it mandatory for me to pay you exorbitant amounts of money atop my tuition for a tool that makes your job as an educator easier!”

You realize that being jealous that I make less than minimum wage off of illustration is silly at best, right?

Yep. I always like to aggravate people 😉 You made a sort of provoking statement in your comic and asked for our thoughts.

I really enjoy comics, and tend to support them every now and again (especially for comics I like enough to buy the books if they ever come out). While I have no drawing skills to speak of, I’ve often enough made music in public, where I also depend on the “goodwill” of other people to think it’s good enough to donate some cents. And there also were those who listened for a long time, obviously enjoying themselves, and then just walked on. For me, the cause to continue was that I loved music, and did it for that love. I think many online comic artists function the same way, especially since there are many who just stopped because they couldn’t feel it any more.

My view on education might be a bit other than yours, since I’m coming from Germany, and there education costs are regulated a bit differently. But even there I had to buy many books, where the most expensive ones were for the courses I liked least, and of course hadn’t looked into them ever since.

Well, I suppose you do have a point, I did ask for it, and you certainly handed out to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe a man is entitled to his wages. It’s just that nowadays, too many people out there following the ‘Martin Shkreli’ example. We all could use a lot more common sense and ethics when it comes to this sort of thing, both as creators and consumers.

Education is the US is lacking in many ways compared to other countries. We aren’t the worst, but we should certainly be better off than we are. A fear of the word ‘regulation’ is instilled in the people… I think that addressing an issue like piracy by just killing off the pirates is a lost opportunity to resolve the underlying issue that created the pirates in the first place.

The cost of college text books IS piracy. You’d think the college tuition fees would cover the cost of books.

I completely agree with the above statement, although it would initially kill off any incentive for educators to update their materials. See, I’m not saying that updates are a bad thing, just that more often tan not it feels like it’s only done for the sake of a quick profit. Why not release a digital version and allow students to print it themselves?

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