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well now either Cheryl is wearing chain mail gloves or the sword Aria is using isn’t sharp enough for her to catch it like that and be able to Sucker Punch her in that manner.
but IMO without weapons Aria may be able to kick her @$$

Those are some real durable gloves. Even if there was chain mail underneath, the outer material would be cut. That or that’s one crappy sword…

Oh, guys, in case you’re wondering chain mail gloves, note the hand holding the sword at Panel 6. It’s clearly cut and drawing blood.

why is there such a long wait time per page?

because these guys have lives too and mastergodai has two other comics too work on weekly

What are the comics?

Rascals and Knuckleup, they are also on the Katbox

Both of which haven’t been updated since February. As a fan of the Katbox artists, I’m not being mean. But konekolynn’s question is fair. There are plenty of webcomic artists that manage real life and their comic. It’s not unrealistic to ask why there are so few updates when the updates are so few.

However, as I understand it, Mastergodai lends help to the other comics in the network. I don’t know all the behind-the-scenes details of the network, though.

For some reason, the websites I had bookmarked for both of those were not updated to provide the new site info. Out of all the KB comics I follow (which is almost half of them), these are the only two in my list that weren’t updated along with the KB site updates. But that explains why I haven’t seen updates for them.

Message sent and received!

wait what message was that again

Oh MY… O_O

Seriously in the original comic you took your sweet time showing us how Alex is a “free spirit” when making a move on Jill, but if these suggestive themes start this early then… I’m afraid I’ll be forced to take cold showers more often. 😛

Also I know I’ve already made a pointless assumption that she’s a country girl and acts a bit too extreme, but this is still a bit wow. Unless if she just finds it fun and doesn’t know what it suggests, but that just wouldn’t fit her character. 😀

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