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My question might be dumb and i apologize if it kind of insulting toward her but… If she wanted to strangle herself, why would she need to be in front of the dragon when she have a whole forest with branch that could do just enough to hang herself and die? Taking that perspective away, its a sad scene to look.

She was going to do that originally, but then she decided she’d have witnesses instead because in her current state of mind she thought they’d all like to see that happen in front of their own eyes.

Y’know what I’m beginning to see? One by one, multiple dragons are having experiences with tigers that are actually impacting them on a personal level, other than just seeing their friends/family killed by one. Chiara is being affected by the look Riah gave her when she took Riah’s eye in revenge for her mother. Cinder is definitely going to be affected by this in a similar way. She may be the best one so far who’s able to reign in her emotions, but that won’t stop her from feeling them in full in a private moment later.

well good news is kilani didn’t die. yay.


I swear to Loessa, if Kilani dies…

Well, I wouldn’t actually do anything because it’s a webcomic, and it wouldn’t affect how you subsequently developed the story anyway. But I’d probably think very dark and depressing thoughts, buy a tub of ice cream, curl up on the couch, and have a good cry. =(

Be strong, Kilani! Blessed are the peace makers, and all that! ( ◄ __►)

Hey james but think of the bright side she is going to be sitting on the throne in heaven along with gaia You see I was depressed of how gaia got mistreated and condemned to death yeah sometimes I would like to have revenge on oscura Elektra and scyde but it would not solve a thing killing them will not bring love ones back it’s just like you said a web comic. I just want to see gaias daughter escape though. and build her own dragon kingdom up north.

im sure gaia’s daughter will live. oscura only ordered her to be left in tiger territory, so i don’t think she’s completely to blame. but let me tell ya…….karma…………is coming………for elektra. if the past events mean anything, its that karma always comes around to the characters that deserve, and right now i can see elektra in its sights. im sure she’ll get whats coming to her.

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