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My goodness, how will she get out of this?

Mastergodai, is telling a good story about being careful of what you wish for.

Thing is we all know she didn’t wish for this it was all forced up on her afterwards by Deva

I somewhat, disagree, but yes, much of it IS Deva.

Not really as in the previous page she was crying and asking her to stop but she did it anyways if you take a good look

Oh I seen that part, but Rush, with all of her insecurities did partly wish for the physical look and then some. It’s like this, Deva couldn’t really force any change on Rush, without Rush giving in to some of those very things. Rush is still partly to blame. For one, you don’t give up your VERY OWN SHIP and even much of the crew to your bitch of a sister. Just like that, if anything. Just because some of them are horndogs and idiots at times. They are still her crew and that’s her ship. Rush maybe a good bounty hunter, but she is not acting like a good captain and leader. Hopefully, if she comes out of this, she’ll learn, mature and be better for it.

Two: She CAME to Deva, big mistake on her part.

Three: Once again, Deva didn’t have to do much. Rush wanted to look like the other girls that Hawke lust after in her perception/view. If the guy’s a playa, then she has no business trying to change him. If he changes, it’s because. He WANTS to change. If Rush was just honest with herself and took a chance, plus answer Hawke’s question. She wouldn’t be be where she is now. Yes easier said than done. But choices have to be made.

Four: Once again, running/wimping out makes her look and actually be wishy-washy. Who wants to follow a leader like that? Not me.

Five: In the end, Rush will have to take a fall, in order to realize, she has to be stronger. Rush will have to prove that she is stronger than that pendant.

Hmmm I think it isn’t that the wish was made true, she still has the pendent on, if it were Permanent then the pendent wouldnt be needed. Thinking if that is taken off the spell reverts… Thats my opinion at least 😀

It could be that if the pendant is taken off the obvious mind control disappears but the change to her mind and body doesn’t..

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