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I agree with Reiko.
The signal might me dead because Chrissy called too much.
And that is NOT a little jealous.

Chrissy isnt jealous but worriesome as she knows that due to her mistake she “broke up” with him as a break and several gals wanted to get him, but despite all the teases n temptations he remained “true” to her so she definitely dont want to lose him again

Hacking into surrounding hotspots and calling 17 times doesn’t seem like the way to keep a man.

Maybe not to you, but if the guy finds out and is as devoted as Quick is… she ain’t gonna lose him.

a pair of mothers are in for surprises.

I never said anything about Quick and Chrissy breaking up already cause of her doing this.Them breaking up again would be a really abused way to add a few more comics in the series .
AND Quick is a nutcase being so tolerant. Not saying that is a bad thing od course.
I was saying if she had a normal boyfriend she would get dumped already.
Good thing none of the cast is normal.

AM I the only one who really wants to see Rei and Quicks sister screw each other?

two huge breasted, huge-assed ladies getting it on? no man, no you are not alone in that regard

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