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ok to quote the previous title this is ridiculous Raven may be friends with Chrissy now but her way of “pushing her buttons to see her dance” routine is getting old playing mind games to see her reaction is no way for a “friend” to act unless she’s still a tad jealous of them being back together,
on another note i’m glad to see Chrissy mature more by handling the situation so well, now Reiko even with her playful teasing dunno why but I think she wants to get to “sample” Chrissy just once to satisfy her teasing of her best friend cause it seems Raven isn’t “her type” XD

I’m no expert, but from my experience, relentless teasing is the foundation and backbone of friendship.
The old “No one beats them up but me” thing. There’s also the possibility that Raven believes it herself.
And again, I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure it’s been less than 72 hours in the comic (arc?) so it’s not that old yet (I know I’m still enjoying it, but that’s a personal thing). I may very well be wrong, however, so please hold off on the pitchforks and torches.

I’ll gladly trade places and put my face in Reiko’s boobs. 😉

Good work, Godai. You draw some of the curviest women out there.

A Knuckle-Up Poster, nice.

In all seriousness Chrissy needs to calm down, Quicks to honest a guy to do anything, which makes him better than about 70% of the male population already. Add in his other qualities and he ends up being the most trust-worthy person on the planet.

However I somehow get the feeling Quick or Jaz’s mom is going to throw a wrench in the already unstable gears that are Chrissy’s thought process, which is already being messed with by Rei and Raven… Puff.

Quicks not honest…
He is a pussy.
As an example is the last page: As soon as Jaz mentions the hot tub Quick blocks out.
But as soon as he gets out of that he is all of the things you accuse him of.

That’s having a dirty-mind, not being a “pussy”, he admitted he likes Jazmine in the first place so its well within reason that he’s picture it, who wouldn’t?

Must be nice to walk around town in 57 degree weather(Chrissy phone) in tank tops and shorts ( and yes I’m aware that they are indoors on this page. but even indoors that’s kinda cold to me). I guess all that….fur must really keeps them warm out there. (but what was I really expecting?) =3 Also like the Easter egg hunt on the nice knuckle up poster =D

one hundred percent guaranteed puff… gonna use that now xP

This is getting old. You know, women aren’t quite shaped like that and would be in the chiropractor’s office if they were even close to it. Ask Dolly Parton, sometime how hard it is to lug that around (and she’s not even close to what you’re depicting here).

I may be the odd one out here, but I prefer firm to ‘big and jittery’.
I do like the storyline though. It is definitely a different take.

but Reiko is firm not jiggly she keeps fit and is a lot more stronger than you think, just because she doesn’t look too muscular doesn’t mean that she’s flabby,
and you must look around sometimes as there are some gals that do look like that. ^_^ (maybe not where you live but in other places)

I didn’t intend to say ALL the gals were ‘big and jittery’, though that is how it came out. Thanks for calling me on it.

Rieko definitely is of the ‘healthy and firm’ bent and Jasmine seems to fluctuate between fan-service and healthy. Quick’s mom and Jasmine’s mom definitely of the fan-service bent.

If the story line wasn’t so good (and unusual), I probably would have removed this webcomic from my list.

BTW, I see mostly healthy (and quite a bit of ‘unhealthy’) where I am, but no fan service.

Now things get more complicated. Good going Rush, in showing your character. You run off, in the face of adversity. Now you’re in this, what are you going to do now? If you had been just honest with yourself, your feelings and things wouldn’t be as complex. But yes, easier said than done. But there comes a time where YOU have to choose. As Swoop told you earlier, why don’t you just tell him how you REALLY feel.

Good page here.

Well she BLEW IT ok! Get over the would have been, Hawke asked her a Clear question and she Ditzed out regretting it later, and then she had the nerve to get mad at “him” when getting it on with Jupiter (which was a fake Hawke to begin with) so Deva is spelling it out for her right now, (won’t betray her for a man but maybe another woman perhaps? ) we’ll see

Where the heck is REIKO?!?

You know folks, a random thought occurred to me while I was sleeping last night.
If memory serves correctly, Deva’s piece of the jewel grants wishes as Kibbles told us previously. If that’s the case, is it perhaps possible that Deva has used her piece of the jewel to grant her own wish, to have Rush as her lover?

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