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Yeah…because admitting it now totally won’t make things even more awkward Josh.

But seriously, I had a gut feeling that it would end like this, but I’m slightly curious to see if Chrissy will act on these feelings and accidentally cheat on Quick or if she just let’s this be a potential end to their friendship. I suspect Chrissy’s mom is interrupting them too based on the tonnage there.

Also, sweet heavens! The colors on this page are really top notch, especially with that new blurred shading style. It really does give a night feeling to it. Well done Mastergodai!

Amp buddy Josh may have waited too long to tell her his feelings buut by the expression on his face and tone of voice he’s a good guy so he is understanding that she’s taken and would remain friends with her anyways, unlike Cody that he had that obsession with her to think she was still his “property”

Yeah he’s definitely a nice guy. But for some reason the way Chrissy looks while turning him down bugs me, almost like she wishes she didn’t have to, BUT I’d bet that if she wasn’t seeing Quick she’d probably accept him, seems like she might’ve, seeing as they’ve known each other forever and he’s a nice guy and all :3

Not to mention Josh like Quick loves her. The old adage holds strong. “I want my beloved to be happy. Even if it’s with someone else.” Josh seems to hold his honor and friends in very high regard.

As for Cody he can rot for all I care. A man who treats a woman with less respect than a Dollar bill is not a man at all but a child who has everything he wants on a platter and when something says no he throws a tantrum. I detest the concept of class and status in society.

I am as much a living being as mr bucksaplenty so I am his equal. No his better for I have real riches beyond compare a family who loves me, Friends who won’t abandon me and much more that can’t be seen nor felt let alone understood by a pimple of the backside of humanity.

Pardon the rant I just hate Rich Snobs like Cody. Nothing against those who are rich no. Just brats who think their money can buy them out of anything with out fail.

I’ve had to deal with these kind of people all my life. Kicking me out of good programs at school, treating me like a social inferior cause of my race, my gender, my religion. I despise them. I sometimes wish to hurt them. Badly. But then I realize, all I need to do to get the ultimate revenge, the ultimate punishment against them, is to live well, love well, and be loved well in turn. And I’ve been successful in that. ^.^

You cunning little “expletive Deleted”! XD you are absolutely right. Heck I had teachers in high school like that. Just wanting to crush someone because they didn’t fit in to their rich little puzzle. I nearly died from the stress of it all. But I’m alive and well they didn’t break me and I’m going to have a better life than they ever will and why is that?

Rat: Cause we’re on strike!!!

Um no thats not it. It’s because I treat others with respect. I give what I’d like to have and get it back. If you attack me I bite back hard! I follow the golden rules. Do un to others as you would have others do un to you, true friendship can always be mended by either tragedy or apology and don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Sounds like you follow the same motto.

Yeah the coloring is really great. But on the possibility of Chrissy cheating on Quick, well, there is no such thing as “accidentally” cheating. Unless she gets drunk or something. But if she can’t keep it in her pants then that’s a problem with her, not the situation.

I really do hope it doesn’t go that route though.

I’ll be damned. Blackwind was right.

Well ehem I can kinda read in between the lines dude XD
And how much you’d want to bet that voice it’s (a) The neighborhood Airplane Amanda come calling or (b) Chrissy’s friend Felicia popping on by or (c) Chrissy’s Dad showing up by chance, place your bets boys n girls

I’ll take Chrissy’s dad for 500!!

Ok Chrissy’s Dad for 500 do we have any other votes people?

– I wanted to confess you my love for so long! I’m sorry I had no courage to say it before.. Please forgive me and don’t be silent. Silence will kill me!
– Uuuuh.. I’m really flattered that you love me, but I’m already taken.
– Who is he? How long do you know him?
– Ahem. I’m her fiance and you’re in the middle of our wedding, pal.
– Hush you! I’m talking to a lady!

This is a perfect example of why I don’t like Chrissy.
“You need to use the bathroom?”
“You’re hungry?”
Seriously? Either she knows what’s going on and she’s being shallow or she’s really that blank in the head. Either way, Quick deserves better than that.

Josh is me. I had a girl I liked a lot in high school. Tried to work up the courage to tell her. Even tried to bring her as a date to my cousin’s wedding but couldn’t get a hold of her. Well I stand ten years later single and bless her she has a family of her own to raise. I’m happy for her. But I am a idiot and will wear that name till I find a girl and actually have the bloody guts to tell her I care.

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