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I really enjoy these quiet bits with Genie and Lucas, they’re sweet.
In fact, I really like how this madcap train with no brakes of a webcomic can scream along with so much zany wackiness and then out of nowhere have these and other bits of calm/peacefulness. It doesn’t even fell forced, it’s great.
Love the main arcs silliness too though.

It can be said that sometimes the reverse can be better too. Sadly, I imagine Lukas wouldn’t agree with that statement. On the plus side, at least Lukas is a guy and not a woman. XD
Now that I’m thinking about this too, couldn’t having magical plants that can randomly transform people into animals cause some kind of long term detriment to society with natural food products, allergies, and the ecosystem in general? For that matter, can the MIB even classify it since it is technically nature?

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