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at least he didn’t challenge boris, we all know how he fights and if the person looses he eats them…
and oi i appear to be first before ninja seal nixie can take it from me haha by deleting my comment

Wait, what’s this about deleting your comment? Have your comments disappeared before? Because I haven’t been deleting any.

last time when i said first you ninjaed it with your mod powers and was deleted i think it was last year before the soap ending, but it was in actual jest wait i may be mistaken or rather you didnt delete it you just moved my post down and posted your not first i am

I can’t move posts down. The posts can be reorganized by popularity or oldest first or newest first.

In the last two panels, the notch in Rexley’s left ear changes sides.

Man…did Johan eat his spinach today? Seriously, I had no idea he was that ripped.

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