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Mallium, next in the periodic table to unobtanium.

actually i think it might be a solid block of nanites that change shape when told to with computer programs

Doesn’t have to be nanites it could be a… Super alloy. Nannite or 3d built structure that is partially magnetic. Electricity is applied and the magnetic part moves rearranging the Crystalline structure at its base molecule. I know it sounds like nanites but nanites govern themselves with orders. This appears to be governed by the laws of physics by the way it turns to goo with her raw electricity

perhaps… but something like that might be sensitive to any magnetic fields so it might be unable to be produced within the solar system, at least in its raw form (like that cube, and after being subjected to electromagnetic field to change its shape it becomes stable and won’t change again). they might have a factory in Interstellar space, outside the magnetic fields of stars, that produces the raw form of this “malleum” then uses it to make all of their structures…. i dunno, i’m not exactly a physicist (not a professional anyway)

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