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as Quick would say: SWEET FLUFFY MERCY!!

Ok now while you have that though in you head I want you to imagine the the reiko version of this.

Rei-r-Rei-!!! HNN!! (Nose bleeds fainting) hotness…overload…

*imagines it and almost dies from blood loss and heart failure*

To make sure I don’t get sued I’ll post this again Disclaimer: Slasheredge cannot be held liable for any nose bleed related blood loss or deaths. On the ground that it’s your imagination so Slasher has nothing to do with it.

Disclaimer: Slasheredge cannot be held liable for any nose bleed related blood loss or deaths. On the ground that it’s your imagination so Slasher has nothing to do with it.

I have no idea what you are talking about. I had no murderous intentions what so ever…. PLus al deaths by result of this are the fault of the ones who don’t realize that they can’t have fun time with reiko whenever they want. Since fictional reality are real in another dimensional plane and you just need a portal watch like the one on my wrist…. You did hear or read that last part.

Here is the thing. Most people don’t want to commit suicide thinking about these stuff. It’s kinda like don’t think of the pink elephant. You never think about it until someone mentions it.(this is a harmless example). Oh well sweet death.

Ha which one. I’m set up in the multiverse, and unless you can jump between dimensions (without meet the alternate version of yourself, and destroying a whole dimension) then my internet is safe. 😛 Well in some dimensions at least….

I’m not thinking it. It’s been proven since trust me your not the first that’s tried this. IN most case the other toasted the the universes or dimensions. Besides what are you complaining about is you go to another dimension ya get a new body while a dimension for a fictional universe anyway.

I can’t get a clear look on the whole picture. My nose is bleeding to much.

As for pal is ya see my response to another post I suggest for your own safety that you don’t imagine to reiko version or the jolty one.

I blame you for my death of nnosebleed.

ill get the shovel^_^

Read my disclaimer a little further up the page and you can see why I can not be blames, and I warned you for your on safety so that double protects me.

Holy crap. That’s hot.


Ok now imagine the reiko, and jasmin versions stand side by side you giving you a hug. This should help your recover.

or kill you

*comes out of doctor’s clinic after donating blood and clean bill of health* *sees Chrissy in bikini* O.O;;; Medic Medic!!!

You know the medic is reiko in a sexy nurse outfit right, and that jazmin is the doctor only reiko was in charge of her uniform right?

*come back from imagining bikini reiko (thanks to the auto-rise spell and some hi-potions) see NURSE reiko and DOCTOR jazmin dies from blood loss and super sexy mental overload soul leaves body and goes into soul reaper form*

Is it just me, or have her breasts gotten bigger?

Aw…is it wrong for me to say that I genuinely wanted these two to end up together? This page makes it look like Miles is getting friend-zoned.

Eh honestly?

I didn’t. These two seem to be too miserable for each other. Miles has so much to learn, Rachel continues to irritate me because of her smug shit on how she “figures” out people. Whatever. Miles may see you as a prize to be won instead of affectionate, but honestly I hate it when people say “OH I FIGURED YOU OUT” Bitch, Miles ain’t even figure himself, you haven’t even figured yourself out either. Maybe if they both matured, and realize what’s going on in their lives then maybe they can date. But honestly, I rather have a shoehorned lesbian relationship with Tootsie and Alexandria.

Miles, just take you plane and GTFO of here, nobody wants you, nobody needs you, and take the lizard nymphomaniac while you’re at it, she understands being free pretty well, might teach you a few things too, and you might teach her to speak properly, it’s a win-win for everyone.

I want him. Lot of people are actually supporting Miles, you know.

I meant in the story, Miles has never done anything remotely important nor essential to the plot, like, he’s been more of an annoyance to pretty much all of the characters.

Honestly the same could be said for Mora.

Not gonna defend her as the best character ever, but Mora’s got her farm where most of the main characters live, so, at least she has contributed something important to the story, Miles has no skills, no talents, no assets, not even deeds that have helped in any way to the development of the story nor increasing the reader’s interest on it, he doesn’t even wanna be on this farm, and Geecku is giving him everything he ever wanted from Taffy, I just don’t see why he’s still in the farm– nay, the comic, or why he’s been at all, rather than his creator’s whim or something.

Your point? Just because he hasn’t done anything if any great merit doesn’t mean that he isn’t of any relevance, and you swam to be forgetting that he’s the reason that Taffy became a major character. Miles is, imo, the most relatable character in this entire series. He has no oustanding traits, he’s clearly flawed, and his motivations are something that we can all relate to on some level.

Oh, wow, yeah, I had totally forgotten he dragged Taffy into the farm, making her quit her job and move out of her home to live in a crummy farm (back then) without even asking her opinion on it, yep, won’t deny that’s his greatest contribution, even if it was fueled by pure greed and gave Taffy a living hell afterwards, but I wouldn’t relate to his motivations ever, like,what even ARE his motivations? Getting laid? Building an airplane?
It’s just… it’s been YEARS, literally over a decade, and I can’t recall a single major event happening except the crop festival, in which, pretty much everyone was irrelevant and Mora just won because, well, she’s Mora, I mean, there’s mysterious people after Sarah, and Mora’s dad is a super mutant demon or something, but by all means, let’s focus on Miles wanting to get laid with a girl once again, heck, even Sunny managing the farm was loads of fun compared to Miles’ persistent quest to get some poon he don’t deserve.

You make it sound like she was forced into working at the farm as an unwilling party. Tardy was given a choice and she said yes. Besides, that was probably one of Miles’ most charitable moments, seeing as how he agreed to return to the farm, which he hated, in return for Tardy being offered a job that would be better than the one she had at that time. On top of that, he even offered to let Tardy recurve his salary on top of his own.

Tardy? You mean Taffy, and no, the choice was never shown, Miles only said that the condition for him returning to the farm, was that Taffy was let in too and his pay (which was zilch, as Mora was literally slaving him) would go to her, Mora was also dead broke at the time and her farm was decaying, so I really doubt Taffy moved to better working and living conditions than she already was, Miles even says when him and Taff were still going out that once the farm busts they could go work back to Taffy’s old place, like why in the world did they bother to move at all? Miles every action is only motivated for his own greed and he doesn’t even know it, even this current event of him trying so hard to bone Rachael, like, again, just get on your plane, take the horny lizard, and have your own side comic if your wacky adventures around the world.

Pray tell, what do you think the “plot” of this comic is, because at this point the story completely revolves around the day-to-day lives of the residents of the farm, which Miles is. While he may not “do” anything of major significance, you can not say that he is completely unnecessary or irrelevant. Its been through Miles that two of the farm residents even became residents, Taffy and Sunny, and it was because of the “incident” between him in Mora that ultimately led to her and Midos getting together. As far as his apparent obsession with sex…can you really blame him? One of the side comics has already shown that his first relationship, while seemingly serious, was entirely based on sex. In sure that would have left an impression and warped his interpretation on how to show affection. We also barely know anything about him. We don’t know why he desires “freedom”, for all we know there could be some event in his past that would completely explain, and potentially validate, his behavior.

Well lets see, plot lines hinted at and dropped, or just mary sued away in Las Lindas. The farm getting better, seriously.. how is the farm actually better? What is it producing? *Mary Sue’d away*
The sprites tricking Sarah, who seemed to get temporarily retarded, into ALMOST KILLING DIGIT..*DROPPED*
Mora having a super evil space daddy *DROPPED BUT FEEL SORRY FOR HER!*
Rival to Mora in that Anju, *MARY SUED*
Any one being a Crest *DROPPED*
Humans on Neo earth, *DROPPED*
The dumbass writer in the basement *DROPPED*
Amber and the Queen or some new threat or crap *D-D-D-DROPPED*
Minos and Mora relationship issues *MARY SUED*
The dumb tree thing that has been growing on the farm for TWO PLUS MONTHS AND NO ONE NOTICING!? *DROPPED*
Mora being hinted at as some important key to the queen? *MARY SUEDROPPED!*
Sunny working hard on getting to prove herself to be worthy of Manager for the Farm? *SKIPPEDROPPED* even though that WOULD of been a good slice of life thing.
The house being wrecked by unkillable sex meat mental patient lizard? *DROPPED!*
People looking for Sarah? *DROPPED*

Here’s the problem, You can’t do a slice of life comic and hint at greater stuff in the world that is more important.. and not follow through on any of the actual slice of life OR greater stuff in the world plot points! Even Seinfeld, Friends, and Azumanga Daioh had character arcs, plot points, and a beginning, middle and an end in the story.

Not to mention.. like I’ve said and apparently peeps agree, None of these characters act like actual people would. Even Rachael’s “I knew speed would be a factor but” what ever she was saying just felt forced and contrived like someone who has no idea ABOUT fighting.. writing about fighting.. *looks at Knights Crest* … and that makes me worry about the one side story I actually give a damn about.

It really bums me how Sunny just got dropped so soon, like, I know she’s still there, but her running the farm felt like a huge step forward in a long time, I really think they missed the chance to start the comic fresh with a new protagonist, but with the story that had happened until Sunny’s arrival still there, I mean, I don’t think anyone would miss Mora as protagonist, and her life is pretty much set anyways, especially now that there’s need for a new Prime Queen or whatever and I WONDER who’s that gonna be?

Anyway, again, despite Miles being responsible for the presence of Taffy and Sunny (on which methods and reasons are highly questionable), again, he seems like the least essential character from the farm, well, aside from Geecku, who’s a new arrival, but why do they keep going back to his stupid personal life? Again, in his quest to just bang a girl whom he doesn’t deserve? And again, Geecku already offered him all the unconditional sex and freedom he seeks, why just not settle with that? Why does Miles keep trying to pull off Rachael from her life (and sister) just like he did so with Taffy? What will this accomplish? Especially since he keeps failing at everything he does (he only banged Geecku because she was the one who came on to him), like, are we supposed to feel pity? Jesus H. Christ, LL, just get somewhere already.

It’s not the worst comic i’ve seen when it comes to progression and dragging out things no one cares about for a resolution, That actually has to go to Misfile in my opinion, But yeah.. they need to pick a story to tell, tell it, and then move on, Which the comic was able to do back in the day.

i think on sunny reason for her skip was due to a wanting a cousin from rascals comic on the farm or a request for one and trying to keep them in around about the same time line since sunny’s cousin just had a litter of three, one boy and two girls (im just wondering if they will ever pay sunny a visit) and i love both las lindas and rascals comic

That… is an extremely weak excuse for just skipping a likable character’s actual progress and mission to be part of the farm. I mean… it just suddenly fixed its self.. Why didn’t we get to see her learning the ropes? Learning the crew? Getting walked on perhaps and then barking back as she learned? Why not show what the Farm is actually able to do to stay relevant in a world where a hologram can take a picture with just light being used as the photo capture machine?

True, Mean while Miles got tricked into it working on the farm, could in fact have Mora thrown in jail for how she ‘trapped him’ at the farm, (Mora could be jailed for a lot of things frankly, Though I’d of accepted her beating the fuck out of Lizard sex meat for the millions in damage to her house.. but that never happened, never mind the fact Rachael got her ass beat for less.) Doesn’t seem to have any real reason to stick around, really is less important to the actual story (if it would progress at all) in any way, aside from dragging Taffy along.. And has constantly pissed moaned and groaned with out actually… leaving.. Why IS he still here? Oh right.. Same reason literal home wrecker lizard bitch is here.. authors pets.

Come to think about it.. Gecko was on a space ship.. a GOD DAMN FUCKEN SPACE SHIP! Why did she TRASH THE HOUSE THEN? It’s not like it was THAT strange to her if she was ON A SPACE SHIP!

Dare I ask where this is going?

Same place this comic has gone after 10 years.

No where.

Annnd there he goes about flying around the world again. Okay Miles, with what money? How will you finance your ‘freedom’. You’ll need fuel, and maintenance for the plane. Food, and an airfield to store the plane when you land to sleep. Even if he opted to ‘camp out’ to avoid hotel/motel bills, not every city or town with an airfield is going to have accessible wilderness or camp grounds which means he’d need to pony up for lodging anyway.

What annoys me is this showcases his lack of thinking. He has a goal but what he does to make it WORK is the lacking part. Miles wants, wants and wants but seldom puts in the effort. Sure he fixed that plane up, but I’m sure a lot of his pay went into getting the parts he needed to repair it and planes are EXPENSIVE and I doubt he makes that much even with the good fortune to come the farms way.

Too much to ask? Miles you’re asking someone to throw caution to the wind and run off with you without a plan besides ‘freedom!’. The ‘freedom’ he wants is more of a concept that is unattainable to in many of the ways he images it. Sure there’s Gekku, but Gekku’s definition of ‘freedom’ and Miles version are not wholly interwoven or else he probably would have taken up her offer to stick with her.

Hell is Miles even certified to fly? Sure he did classes, and learned but he also skipped out finishing school. My brother is a pilot and the requirements for certification require staying up to date with re-testing your skills, as well as physical, and eye exams for the entry test alone. He has a plane sure but does he have a license to fly? Without that certification no airfield will let him take off and he’ll be arrested if he does fly without a license. Not to mention he needs to register the plane and the hoops to jump through and fees to assure he didn’t just steal the damn thing strike me as the kind of ‘work’ Miles prefers to dodge.

I can’t blame Rachel for shutting Miles down, his manipulative actions aside (seriously his ‘Yeah I think it’s always going to be too much to ask’ comes off as both a ‘pity me’ remark but can also be looked at as him trying to edge some guilt into her for shutting him down. Am I reading too much into it? Maybe, but do I have reason to wonder? Oh plenty of evidence.) his ‘plans’ lack so much forethought that unless some asspull in the story has a rich uncle or aunt die and leave him boatloads of money, his ‘desire for freedom’ by his terms is a pipe dream.

Stop asking the characters to actually put full thought into anythng. If you wanted any sort of actual completion or thought, then you’re in the wrong web comic, because what you just logically picked apart could apply to nearly EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER AND ‘PROJECT” IN THIS COMIC. XD …

no really.. you totally can.. <.<

After reading the last few pages of comments, I don’t know why they bothered re-enabling comments. Does anybody read this comic who actually enjoys it?? You people who make all the complaints: why are you still here if you think it’s that bad and pointless?

Some people are harshest when they care the most about something, Others want it to get better and are offering feed back and honest discussion.

Believe it or not, Just because you like something, It is not your duty to just nod your head and accept everything that happens or give feed back on what is poorly done or should be fixed..or improved. If such was the case, nothing would ever get better and would just get stale or worse as complacency set in.

I personally just keep reading because I refuse to believe I have wasted my time all these years following this comic, whether it’ll finally get somewhere, or they creators just give up (though either seems unlikely), I’ll see this through.

exactly. though I wonder with all the dropped plots.

Dropped out of the picture because that would take away from the incomprehensible cacophony of noise that any other decent webcomic is silently screaming in your ear begging for you to read them instead of this.

They pretty much just wanna write about whatever plot point comes to mind that they like at the time, but if it doesn’t stick to them they write it off, forget about it and it’s left to viewer interpretation – which in this case is another way of saying they don’t give a fuck about it. Explore an inexperienced manager trying to get a grasp on how to do her job? No, don’t do that, we can’t draw naked mental patient lizards that way – or any other pointless fanservice bullshit this comic throws in your face.

I never liked this comic. I read up until sometime past Alejandra smashing her rifle/shotgun (Whichever it was) over Mora’s skull. And that hospitalizing Mora (Which I’ve wanted so badly because she’s a terrible main character, and a whore, which was confirmed) would have been a great plot point; “Oh fuck… what have I done…? I just caved my friend’s face in…” and the ensuing guilt and regret would have been relatable, BECAUSE IT HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE. People can really fuck up like that in real life, lash out at the wrong people, become emotionally unstable and because this is a SLICE OF LIFE comic, it should have been pursued!

But no, Mora gets right back up from it – and the reason was mentioned somewhere before, I can’t remember where but it was basically “Nothing bad will ever happen to Mora” so there’s no tension in anything, especially with how bad of a Mary Sue character she is.

Yeeeeaaah, they really refuse to actually have anything bad happen to any one with any lasting effects.

You should see in the “Ask the High Prime” section right now, Ambar is having the baby.. and she’s having all the strain, drama, and effort of having a child pass through her vag, as someone having a well greased poo.

It’s just.. why? Why not show some Drama in child birth? Child birth is pretty dramatic. Is it because it would soil the sexiness of Ambar? or..some crap? Contractions hurt, squeezing a kid out your lady parts sucks, “Big hips” has little to do with why having a baby sucks so much at the birthing part of it. That’s kind of why when all is said and done, there is a huge bond between the mom and baby. Normally.. mama had to put in work to get that kid out.

Because somehow, drama isn’t a word on Chalo or the writer’s minds. They think sexy always sells. Just sprinkle a little bit of drama into basically cardboard cutout characters plowing each other and call it a comic. Oh? Childbirth? In which a woman is passing several pounds of a newborn’s life through her body? A process which is both bloody and fucking painful and in the past RESULTED IN DEATH? Nah, it needs to be comedic. Course it does!

Not like this series/franchise/brand/whatever-the-hell-Las-Lindas-is isn’t already a laughable joke of a webcomic.

Next thing you know, the Disqus goes down as Chalo follows what Jasonafex does when people aren’t praising his every bowel movement ; disrespect the fans.

In the case they end up breaking up, what do you lose? You say you wasted your time, but how? Did you invest something? What are you expecting to gain by reading this web comic? Money? Knowledge? Fame?
I tell you. You’ve read this comic for all these years because you found it entertaining. Even if it ends suddenly the most horrible way you could ever imagine, you won’t lose the fun you had during all those years. Because if you didn’t have fun until now, why are you still reading it? Therefore you have your answer. You didn’t waste anything.

I read this comic at the start because it appeared like it would he a good story and because it seemed to be going somewhere. This was up until the harvest mind you. I keep coming back because I hope it will get back on track and actually get somewhere good.

No, Sense the harvest plot, I have not had fun with this comic. Gio and I have not read it because we enjoy it and think it is good, but because we see an interesting Microcosm of everything wrong with the furry community and web comics in general. Do we want the comic to be good again? Yes, Do we want it to suck and fail? No, Would we rather this have awesome story telling, believable characters and actually make use of the supposedly rich setting it is in? Yes we do.

Don’t try to put words in our mouths and motives in our heads, because you are clearly and utterly wrong.

Tell you what, go watch the scifi original movie “Alien Train” And you tell me if that is not an utter waste of time, We did invest something, We invested time, love and attention on the comic, and that is enough for someone to feel that something has been a cheat.

I like how you cherry pick your arguments, No feed back on Ambar effortlessly pooping out a kid with no drama or effort? No feed back on the many plot lines you say don’t happen being dropped? The fact the characters don’t actually act like people would or do? You can’t have it both ways where you say that you like something cause of x, and then not have anything to say when you defend why x works for you.
You don’t have an answer, so there for, you have no input.. (See what I did there?)

I see what you did there 🙂
I didn’t comment on specific plot holes because I didn’t really remember them. About characters who don’t act like people would, well, duh! It’s a comic, not a book. That’s very common, even in mainstream comics and manga. And it’s sometimes part of the charm. I won’t count that as an argument, if you don’t mind.

Anyway, your answer to my main point, about losing or gaining something, the time, love and attention is something I didn’t give. I just read the story, enjoy it and keep reading it. And sometimes I make a comment. If I was bored or disgusted by the story, I would simply stop reading it. I don’t lose anything, except maybe the little time I spend to decide when to quit. And about your movie, that’s a bit a different story, because I always check reviews about a movie before I watch it, exactly in case it might be bad. But in worst case I lose only 1-2 hours. This webcomic has run for more than 10 years. The analogy doesn’t really work here.
Now, tell me, what’s different between you and me? You put love and attention? I probably did too, but I got fun right away, and that’s why I continue. My love and attention are rewards for the past work, not investments for the future. I guess that’s the difference between us.

Um.. no.. you see, I’m gonna stop you right here.

“About characters who don’t act like people would, well, duh! It’s a
comic, not a book. That’s very common, even in mainstream comics and
No. See. the basis of writing and story telling IS to make characters that are relate-able and that actually act like people. Sure, some things may be enhances or dis-proportioned, but they are always such to tell an actual story. Take the story of Ceaser and his inability to see that Brutus was going to kill him from the first act of ‘Julies Ceaser”

This COULD work, if say.. queen bitch of the uni, Mora ever got what was coming to her or had an actual drama in her story instead of things being noped or Mary Sued way for lack of drama.

Slice of life comics, as people so defend, are suppose to have characters you care about, That act like people you could know, that act simply like people. People are suppose to be able to look at the characters, relate to them and give a damn.

The only times that harsh, unlikeable character tropes can work as personalities or is commonly used, is in slasher/horror settings where the main cast is just an excuse to be killed off by the monster/villain of the show. OR 80s action hero blandness.

You clearly don’t know anything that actually goes into writing a series or have looked at anything that HAS grabbed a lot of attention that is good.

Take Dragon Ball for instance. Goku may be naive and a bit dumb as a rock, but that Naive personality and his want to fight for what is right (or just have a good fight) is what is relate-able to us as people in our base desires to be good and us remembering when we where as innocent when Children.

If you want an example from 80s action that IS relate-able, Die Hard. The main character is JUST a guy stuck in a crap situation, He does what he has to, and he shows clear human emotion, effort and trial.

Azumanga takes a group of Japanese school girls an puts them in a slice of life where you relate so much with the characters you feel like you’re saying good bye to friends when you’re done with the series. They help you relate to the various characters.

Having characters no one can connect with is a sign of bad writing and generally a bad story unless the point of the story is to give whats coming to them.. and even then… it is most times bad. Las Lindas refuses to actually GIVE anything to the characters that SHOULD happen, makes them act in an un believable way, and then expects us to relate, like and feel sorry for them.

I see your point, aside the fact that dragonball (even only the first part) and Azumanga have plotholes and some badly written parts too. Bulma and her father are definitely not acting like world’s top famous scientists. And the personnality of Goku in Daimao’s arc is definitely not what it should have been. So comparing a bad example of a series with a good example of another series is quite biased. Las Lindas has some parts and characters that are properly written too.

Anyway, I still don’t understand what you might lose if Las Lindas doesn’t meet your expectations. It seems more like a loss of earning rather you’re talking about.

Pretty much what Joshua already said, but also, I started and kept reading LL because I liked the art back when I first found it in Deviant Art ages ago, then the art got better, up until when Chalo started giving child-bearing hips and ripped abs to mostly all females. The story was still very early, so, it didn’t bother much if it wasn’t going anywhere at the moment, but then, they started adding stuff that, as Joshua has pointed out, kinda outgrow the scope of just a “slice of life” comic, like the spaceships, A.I. holograms, gremlins, super demons and neigh-gods, etc, and well, having all that in a comic and not develop it further is kinda disheartening, to say the least.

And as I already said, I keep reading because as a writer, I find bad examples in writing just as crucial as good examples, believe it or not, this comic manifests a lot of stuff that you should never do when writing something:

1. Avoid Mary Sue and projected characters, this is kinda obvious, but if Mora isn’t one of the biggest Mary Sues ever, I don’t know what she is, like, when the Deus ex machina character, Ambar, herself says that no long-lasting tragedy will ever happen to her, how else can you call her? Okay, but I guess it’s redundant to discuss this as no one would argue that is Mora a Mary Sue, however, on the character projection side, well, it may also seem sensible that Minos IS Chalo projecting himself as a character in the comic (Minos even wants to do art, for crying out loud), now, I’m hoping Mora isn’t a projection of him, but I’m willing to bet that it’s the projection of Chalo’s idea of the perfect woman, super-sexy, everyone wants a piece of her, ultra-bitchy so no one can ever make a fool out of her, and just blessed by the gods so she can do anything she wants and not suffer any sort of consequence.

What I learned is, that this kind of tropes are a huge no-no in writing, regardless of what genre you do, it’s a huge mistake to do characters that project yourself and also having the plot spoil them every step of the way, like, who are you even writing this for? Yourself? Or your readers?

Also, this style of character designing always reminds me of Poochie The Dog from The Simpsons, where writers keep trying to add “cool” stuff to an already over saturated character just to try and make him more appealing to the audience.

2. Never have too many characters with different plot lines in a single place: this is another essential thing I’ve learned from comics like this, as we can see, each character not only has a complex personality (or extremely complex in Miles’ case), but they also have their own agenda and back story, and that’s all well and good, until you try to develop each and every one of those character’s plot in the same comic, as it will completely slow down your story AF, and adding a LOT of characters will only make things worse.

Sure, it’s good to have a variety of characters, but not at all times and certainly not at the same place, it’s better to save those reunions for big events, like the closing of a story arc, or a celebration, or tournaments, or something, because as we can see, trying to work a character’s story one at a time, gets you nowhere, the place where we currently are on this.

That’s pretty much it, I don’t consider myself a furry, I started reading this comic, as I said, because I kinda liked the art, and it was probably one of the first original comics I read, however, I’ve seen that a lot of web comics in which the writers project themselves are characters in the story, but I dunno why it seems to happen more often in furry comics, I guess it’s because the whole “be your fursona” trend, which is all well and good, however, me and a dear friend of mine, decided to have a challenge and do a co-op of us doing a furry comic, that could have the potential of being interesting, even if you’re not a furry, and even though the art doesn’t compare to Chalo’s, I gotta say that I’m mighty proud of how the story came out, we only made three episodes, but since we didn’t get much feedback, we decided to move on, but you’re free to read it, and this goes especially to Joshua, who seems to share similar story tastes as me, just search me on DeviantArt as makotomikami and on my gallery folders there’s one called “Danger Pussy!” but don’t let the name fool you, it is not focused on sexual themes at all xD

You’ve got to admit. TRYING for Miles IS a VAST improvement!

In spite of Miles’ shallow attitude towards ladies (that he ends up projecting onto them and thinking they see him in a shallow light), you have to admire someone reaching for an ideal, in this case Miles reaches for the impossible ideal of ‘true freedom’.

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