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oh great Johan is coming back,lets hope he doesnt crawl out thru borris’s large intestines after he been digested

I think you might be a little confused about how babies are made. XD

EDIT: Bwah! You changed your post and now mine is irrelevant!

hah, no i know how babies are born, i was thinking of friday the 13th movie the one where jason has to crawl back into the sex of female relative to be reborn, that’s why i edited my post due it was confusing to understand what i was typing out hence my edit, and since we dont know if borris is male or female in this reboot{ you implied before the comic was ended that borris or his draconian race are all female} so thats why i thought johan might be pulling a reverse reborn by crawling out of a orifice after being eaten, plus i wasnt thinking straight knowing full well the 2 systems are separated, but then again we are talking about comic where any thing can happen when you want it too haha

We knew Johan was still alive as there was only a leg on the cart, & in the Valentine Comic, Johan has a robotic leg.

Johan might be like Kenny form Southpark or one of those guys who keep losing an Arm and a leg over time and end up becoming a Cyborg or something.

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