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Prancing published on 40 Comments on Prancing

For this month’s Patreon Sketch, I would like to have my weasel OC, and Celia from Addictive Science transformed into feral reindeer. I would like to have Celia prancing all around in glee. As for AMP, I would like him to have one of his frontal hoofs up near his face looking at it. Recommended Text (Feel free to modify it to your liking): Celia: This is fun! AMP: What the what!? What am I supposed to do with these?

So, these were all the 2015 sketches, next hyatus I shall bombard you with the 2016 ones! Stay tuned! : P


First, and…go ninja go ninja GO!!!!!!!

I see where this is going. Quick’s mom before pictured Jazmin when quick only defined his girlfriend by her “eye-mark”, Jazmin’s mother wants one of her children to take over their school, this requires one to have a child, so her visit is more than likely going to stir some things up with Jaz and Quick and make Chrissy potentially go off the deep end… Again.

quite the clever hypothetical prophesy that could come to pass if things play out that way ^^

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