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Bah. If Boris REALLY wanted to get good eatin’ out of that wheelbarrow, he’d toss away a few of the buns. Well, unless the buns are actual food, and the meat is reprocessed deprocessed… stuff.

Also, funnily enough, Pandas have actually been found to eat food other than bamboo, including other vegetables and meat.

Of course, that doesn’t stop the Captain from liking a Bamboo burger. 😉

o.o yay im there though at one point my ears are missing the black inside XD erm panel 3 *rolls around* not a big deal to me just thought id let ya know <3

Oh! Whoopsie, I didn’t notice that… At least I got the ears right in the other panels. ^^’

that manager doesn’t get paid enough, does she?

When did the glorp appear in the LL universe? I just don’t remember it. Can someone post a link to the page?

Technically, it’s from the bonus comic Dungeons and Dames, which was recently rebooted. I think Glorp got its first appearance on page 7… Which mysteriously doesn’t seem to be in the KB Gallery despite the rest of the comic being there. X_X

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