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Now that wasn’t cool. She did need a good shaking up, but that was harsh even if you’re okay with a man striking a woman.

… She just threw the island’s only way of defending itself against an ancient eldritch horror into the ocean, after having personally witnessed the existence of one of said horror’s minions, into the ocean. She then began to shout at someone about how they always talked down to her, after one very polite sentence about how ridiculous throwing the bell away was.
Even if you’re not okay with men striking women, she deserved that.

is that a cow selling his own kind as food?

It’s only messed up if you think about it! *Wink*

Didn’t realize does customers resembled bowling pins until the whole “STRIKE” thing. Loved it. Thanks for the cameo Nixie.

P.S. If I get fired because of Boris, I’m contacting my lawyer, Mr. Frap A. Cino from the Law Offices of Starz & Bucks.

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