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On Tour 4 published on 85 Comments on On Tour 4

Because my life is a succession of odd things, I am part of a folk dance group, and in defense of the bagpipes they can work very well as instruments.
Their problem is that they are made to be heard from the other side of the continent, which can cause spontaneous explosions of heads when being too close.


Oh boy. This still feels awkward. Cute monkey girl though. 😀

she’ll make you go bananas

Would be looking forward to that!

she wanna be like you, she wanna walk like you, talk like you

I really want Godai to explain how Quick, an academic genius, is working for his sister, who is only a few years older than him, that posesses the rank of a company board of director.

If I ever achieve sufficient success in business, I would definitely want my secretary to wear a skirt that short while at the office. And lean over my desk often wearing a low-cut blouse.

The most obvious theory I can give would be she is director because it is most likely that their father owns the company which would also explain why quick is insta in. A director would still have to push the paperwork through the channels otherwise.

or shes just really good at her job, young doesn’t mean untalented

I never said she wasn’t. Her father does not seem the type to tolerated ignorance (Unless its from his fluffy Squirrelkins even then it is questionable if she is really as ditsy as she makes her self out to be). To have such a quick turn around to hire him points to influence beyond just a single Director. Directors tend to be rather low in the hierarchy of management just above departmental (Floor) management. Since this appears to be a corporation you are looking at a few layers above her as well that she would potentially have to get approval from to make a snap hiring decision.

quick just got the quick set up x42 in thinking he would have to apply for the job that his own sister’s runs. i wonder if she going to make him the ceo?

oh absolutely NOT she will make him work from the bottom up and that’s pushing it, so Quick has 1 out of 2 choices (a)accept the job offer or (b) sorry sis but there is NO WAY I’M Working for you! and dashes off
but then has to put up with the consequences afterwards

consequences? for a) or b)?

for B because if he accepts her job offer she may use her possition as Director to ask of him anything she wants like a “gofor” boy and if employed by her he will be at her beck n call of sorts which would not be to his advantage

not that she would have any “authority” to do so as Quick is there for a job under his father’s request so Chrissy has no say in his family affairs at the moment.
because unfortunately Quick did NOT have the opportunity to introduce Chrissy as his Girlfriend or more, then he had that family meeting between Mrs Usagi and Jazmin
in an indirect matchmaking meeting, so there are many things going on that need to get “straightened” out

This takes bitch boy to a whole knew level.

perhaps but just like in any job family or corporate there are Rules to be followed, so maybe she won’t be able to get away with doing improper things, if she is a professional business woman hopefully she knows which lines NOT to cross while at work tho

professional, yeah right

you saw that I said IF she was a Professional Businesswoman Right! IF being the key word there

Nepotism, Nepotism,
It’s really not fair!

[/Hallelujah Chorus]

Hey, Quick.

Do like your name and straight up walk a 180 out of that nope zone. You’ll thank me later, if you do.

So we’re now using the literal terms where Quick is a bitch boy to everyone. And yet, he’s still a genius child. That father of his is one single minded idiot. ._. Has boobs? Make it director. Nothing to distract you from your constantly showing ass? Make do bitch work, even though more qualified than the other.

How do you NOT know your sister is the Director of something?! Seriously dude, TALK to your sister once in a while!

not really as it appears there is a particular reason why he does not socialize with his sister, and we will find out a little at a time who jenny is and why they don’t get along

we already know why

oh yeah? then by all means DO TELL! we want to know what she is all about n then some

Why do I get the feeling that Quick got the the short end of the stick here?

I expect him to immediately refuse on the first panel of the next page. Just a flat out “I refuse” with a straight face and he turns to walk out when his sister brings up what their father said to basically force him into taking whatever ridiculous job she plans to make him do.

Because lets be honest, she probably just wants to f*ck with him for her own amusement. -.-

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