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Throwing up: Check

Weird Cravings: Check

She’s definitly showing signs of preggers.

you forgot the mood swings

Has anyone else wondered, given how large and long some of the character’s tails are in the comic, but we’ve never seen them brushing any of their tails? Liona’s tail alone would require a long length of time several days a week at a minimum. Would brushing another person’s tail be considered intimate in-world?

Have you seen Spice and Wolf? You sound like you might have, considering the questions you asked. Holo was always combing her tail, and it was rather… sensitive the few times Lawrence grabbed it.

is just me or does Raven seem a little too skinny, just a thought??

Actually, Raven is her normal, non-fan fare, size.

It’s Crissy who is suddenly smaller than her fan fare size. She’s normal size and shape.

ok not to burst the thought bubbles here but have you all noticed she STILL has NOT confirmed her Pregnancy for reasons of her own that she herself still says (I think I might be “Preggers”) so don’t you think that maybe it’s Liona just getting carried away with that notion (a hoax maybe) just don’t bash me for saying so just got this feeling it’s not that just yet

sorry to say she is morning sickness, strange combinations of food and sometimes emotions can up set your stomach when they dont normally all signs that she has bun in the oven… and i know this because my wife had the same signs.. pb tacos yummie if you use with chocolate dip the pb and taco shell in the chocolate

now there are only 3 more sure signs loss of appetite,tiredness and the biggest of all weight gaining

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