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Shooting self in the foot in 3… 2……


Nah the appropriate sound is *BOING* as they’re about to have a bounce party!

Quick, I don’t know when you’ll hit the bottom, but you sure know how to enjoy the ride down.

Side note: I don’t think we’ve seen any of the girls besides Jen in anything other than underwear or a bikini. Does this place have a really relaxed dress code? Or is THAT the dress code? And where can I apply for an internship?


For the Brotherhood man!!!!! Best gift to give to a friend, a pic of his chic topless with another hot chick!!!!!

and the other chick is also famous don’t forget that

which in turn also happens to be Chrissy’s friend from high school so until they find out we’ll see how this goes 0w0;

I remember Rally but not the comic page where we first meet her, can some one direct me too it???

“At the moment” – Don’t worry, it’ll sink in later, trust me :3

On a different note, dem eyebrows xD

On a further side note, I think I’d do well with that kind of job, mainly because I’m one stoic bastard and it seems people find me difficult to approach, so between my lack of facial expression/emotion and scaring the crap out of people (People in HS thought I was gonna kill someone, Ima nice guy tho :<) I wouldn't have to worry about anything 😀

Must . See. Next. Page!! Also I love the facial expressions in the last panel . I don’t think I’ve ever seen either Reiko or Quick looking so serious and determined.

Can I have some of Quicks luck with women? Just a pinch?

maybe you should do what he does (try to avoid getting into trouble with them). Seems to work VERY effectively for (against?) him.

I try that, I guess im just not real friend material. Eh, I havent had a girlfriend in six years, I can wait longer if I have to XD

The trick to to try to avoid getting into trouble. You’re not supposed to be successful in that avoidance.

I have noted females (at least female humans) seem to like males who know what they’re doing may get them in trouble. I guess the women look forward to the ‘make up’.

“MAKE UP!!!”
-Large pad full of talcum powder collides with face.-

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