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what is Joy’s clan? did anyone say that?

She’s part of the Love Clan, because her mother, Grace, is the Crest of Love.

so what’s special about the Love Clan? we see here that Fire Clan Members can produce flames. so What about the Love Clan?

I honestly have no clue. Probably going to have to wait and see. Only little ‘power’ thing I’ve noticed was way back when Joy was fighting Kate, and when Kate hit her sword against Joy’s staff, it glowed with a mystical rune that had a heart pattern in it. But other than that, I dunno.

Wait a minute…Is the symbol on Pyro’s shirt the Leaf Village symbol from Naruto? I ask as it so looks like it!
That random observation aside, this is quite the interesting development as we’ve all heard from the various posts in the forums that Joy tends to spend more time with her dad than her mother.

Wait wait wait.. wasn’t whats her fucket suppose to FIGHT the fox to prove some shit or something? All she did was cut through some stone pillar showing her power and not actually spar? Am I wrong in remembering this? or did you once again just decide to SKIP something that would of been cool just to show something that was meh?

And you literally just blow through all the training? Have all that build up? All that “impending drama” of Joy facing against her just to have a page that says “blah blah blah, we don’t want to actually tell a story, She goes back home.”


no they were not suppose to fight. There teacher asked who was next to train and the girl stepped forward saying she would go next.

I looked back to make sure, and you are right, but still, this page was a major cop out. Why all the buidl up, the stupid chain from no where, the little mini fight, if she’s just gonna fuck off back to her mom? What was the point of cutting it so short? A few weeks is no time at all in training, a Page wouldn’t even of picked up a blade at that point in their training to be a Knight, and in the Marines, you haven’t even picked up a rifle by then.

It feels like they finally know and accept how few people actually give a shit about Knighthood’s joke of a story. “Eh, fuck it, we’ll skip all this shit, we know you just wanna get to the part where they inevitably stop by Las Lindas and then the part where they finally fuck anyway.”

Do you
know what is the saddest of all this? I do not know anything about this
world, its people, its culture, its technology, etc. The story does not
have a fucking sense, bad characters, and the abilities that some
characters have does not have a specific logic that indicates how it
works, how it is obtained, or how it can be developed. Nothing that has
been shown in this comic until now gives me, even a reason for me to
care about what is happening, nothing! One Piece is way better than this
piece of shit. Got damn! Even Fairy Tail is better than this, and we
know how bad it is. This is garbage.

You piece things together by reading things from the beginning.

However, you offer no methods of improvement to where you are criticizing the story, characters, or even buildup of the world. Where would you improve this comic if you were to give advice? Because this comment isn’t anything constructive.

A short Prologue at the start, Why are the Knights needed? Was there a major battle? Show some Knights actually fighting and doing their duty. Show us why “Knights” are needed and not Marines with laser rifles or what ever bull.

Joy starts her journey, Ambar is no where to be seen in it.. seriously.. that character ruins everything she touches, stop trying to cram in new characters or new things every few pages. I get that this comic was retardedly put in circulation with like 8 other side comics that they rotated which got updated with for some reason the unimportant ‘Breast are the best” getting the most attention.. >.> But that is their fault, now that they are focusing on it, they need to fricken pace themselves. Let things settle, let things sink in before throwing some one, or someTHING or some SETTING new at us.

Actually fucking study ANY SORT OF MARTIAL ART AND HOW IT WORKS AND IS TAUGHT! I’m not saying become a black belt, but these guys have NO idea how any of this crap works. And why not get these people to have their powers going and then give them current weapons? We know Guns exist, but appearently Melee is useless cause Anju smashed Mora over the face with a Shotgun and BROKE IT, but the dumb cow was FINE.So .. guns? ..yeah..yeah I’m thinking Powers and GUNS.

Actually follow through on build up and lead ins. When did Joy team up with the two lions to trick Vix with the chain around her feet? Where did the chain even COME FROM before she jumped down? Why bother showing ANY of this bullshit if we get some pink ass cat cutting through a stone pillar and then Joy going home? Any actual training shown? No, Just one page and “Time for more NEW STUFF!”

I mean good lord, they spent how many pages in Las Lindas on dumb shit like Geeku fucking Miles when that could of been just one page? On the stupid spaceship story? On the Bar the girls where out at? Shit that either could of been block of texted easily or one paged, but THIS? ..Something as important as Joys TRAINING? over TWO WEEKS? gets one paged and shoved aside?

This is why the story telling SUUUUUCKS, They bring up stuff that is actually important and could help you bond with the characters, like in back in Las Puntas, Sunny doing her 2 weeks trial as manager, and SKIP IT TOTALLY AND OUT RIGHT!, but then linger on dumb shit like Tootsie building her robot and Digit Lite giving a clearly MLP ripped off joke about how she put it together wrong.


Expanded Universe. Tie-in comics. Codec conversations. Online lore depositories. It’s not at all uncommon to use other media or even just blog posts to build lore, so placing lore in a forum isn’t entirely surprising. At that point, you’re really only complaining that all the lore isn’t in one place. While that’s a legitimate complaint for some, it just comes across as petulant when you complain and swear in all caps.

Yes, I know what I said before, are you not able to just look up and see what i’ve typed one post before?

Various kinds of Lore expounding is done for many types of Media, You know.. Halo, Metroid, Harry Potter, Warhammer 40k. worlds that actually already SHOW a lot of lore and already know how to write a damn story. Aside from the Halo 5 travesty, No one really puts information in areas that are all hard to track down and gather., and putting it on a Forum where you have to hunt for it IN the Forum rather than in a codex area is a terrible idea.

You can’t expect others to give that much a damn about your comic, when YOU don’t give a damn enough about your comic, to actually SHOW the main aspects of it in the MAIN WAY that people see the lore and characters.

I mean shit, can you imagine say in Harry Potter? You got to see all the dumb stupid fart jokes or some crap between Harry and Ron, but that years mystery or villain was just glossed over and you where told by some other person “Yeah, it’s in the forums”

Wouldn’t work. And being that that is your ONLY objection, that I capsed it up and swore, My point STILL is valid and these assholes have no idea how to do ANY of the stories they have here except the stupid non cannon porn one.

Your point is invalid because it is subjective to the type of story you wanted to see, which is why I did not address it. Objectively, the things you have complained about have been done with success and acclaim before, so complaining about lore being expanded in the forums is objectively wrong, even if you are able to dislike doing so validly.

Different authors and media include lore in different ways. Even your Harry Potter example, the author has bits of lore that make or break several facets of the main story only available via Twitter posts (and later, in collected articles rather like a forum). This is objectively true. Your complaints, while valid as opinions, are invalid because it’s based entirely on whether you like it or not, not whether it can objectively work.

My point is not invalid just because you said so. Your claim of such shows you have no idea how to debate nor process information.

I was asked for a list of things that would help, I gave a list of things that would help.

Artists may have ways of doing things different, but that does not mean the artist is right or correct in how to do things. Your example is wrong as no critical lore necessary for understanding the story was expressed in anything but the books, as a matter of fact, if you don’t properly remember, Harry Potter was out before any social media on the internet was really a THING. She did not rely on a forum or a wiki or anything else, because she put what was necessary in the story IN THE STORY.

This is not just an “objective” thing, it is a fact that people who do not know what they are writing about do not make good works on the subject they are making. There is a reason research is needed when things are made to ensure quality. There is a reason background and reason is given to things to give them weight and importance, There is a reason that characters are given time and trial to let you bond with them on their journey. None of which they have one in this or Las Lindas.

The only thing Objective about this is your half assed unresearched, sorry opinion and inability to actually put together an argument that does not boil down to “Well like… thats just.. your opinion man..”

I am neither wrong nor right; that’s what makes it subjective. Similarly, there’s no such thing as a right or wrong way to produce fiction, but merely ways we like or don’t like to consume it. I’m sorry you can’t separate objectivity from subjectivity, and I only hope someday that you can find the satisfaction and validation you seek. Thank you for the discussion.

I’m sorry, There Are correct and proper ways to tel a story, That is why there are actual techniques and writing classes, That is why there are schools to learn how best to do something. That is why people are able ot major in how to produce fiction and non fiction. You can’t “Like.. nothing s wrong or right maaaaan” this. You can’t take that road, The original comment wanted ideas to improve. I have comments that would improve, and then you try to take the spineless route out.

You may notice that there are far many more non-fiction degrees than fiction degrees. This is because while there are objective rules to writing fiction, they are mechanical: sentence structure, prose, dialogue. You go to any creative writing professor (as I have, having taken those classes) and they will warn against taking the very stance you are, and to separate the mechanical from the story.

You may call it spineless if you wish. I will respect your opinion, even as I know it to be based on outrage rather than objectivity.

There are several more degrees than in fiction, you stupid shit. But This is FICTION. So writing in FICTION would be what applies, not any other writing style, because this is FICTION.

It is not based on Rage, it is based on proper good technique. You have no leg to stand on, you can’t just look at something and say “you’re wrong” and not have any solid means of which to actually SAY why I am wrong.

If you go to any Writing Professor, they will have the exact same problems against the ‘story’ as Al, Gio, I and several others have, because they directly ignore and violate several writing rules and tools.

Show Don’t Tell.
Karma Houdini.
Mary Sue. Black Hole Sue, Super Sue.
Character consistency.
And Chekhov’s Gun being one HUGE one they CONSTANTLY fail at.

Clearly you don’t respect my facts, because you keep strutting around, shitting everywhere, thinking your correct, when nothing you have said has been backed up at all by any actual means of which things are done.

I’m glad to see that you too enjoy TVTropes. ^^

I’m afraid I’ve been nothing but respectful. On the other hand, you’ve been toxic in pretty much every post you’ve made, both in our conversation and pretty much every page posted in recent memory. I sincerely hope you find the happiness you seem to be lacking in life, since anger and outrage seem to be your default. Have a good day!

A respectful idiot, is still an idiot.

You have done nothing but back down from every point brought up, make false statements about things, and push motives in the mouths of those who bring up actual flaws in the comic.

Toxic, is when someone gives no actual way to improve and only is pointing blame. I and others here are being harsh, not Toxic.

Sorry, but you make the same complaints on pretty much every page, rife with obscene language, and attack with insults when someone disagrees with you. You sir, are objectively toxic.

And given you’ve done it for so long, it’s clear that you actually enjoy the comic despite the flaws that you describe as inexcusable, or you wouldn’t keep posting. So I hope you continue to enjoy it. ^^

No, okay? No. First off, don’t compare Codec calls to this shit. Second, when you force your readers to go seek out IMPORTANT INFO on a fucking forum where things are 98% of the time only said as what-you-want-to-hear filler or complete asspulls thought of long after the fact, that i not good writing by any stretch of the imagination.

And that is a legitimate opinion to have! I respect your opinion, and understand why you wouldn’t like that style of storytelling. However, I also recognize that it is a subjective opinion, and that objectively, media both successful and failed, professional and otherwise have done similar things with more or less of a ratio of lore between main and supplementary materials. So calling it ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ in absolutes is a misnomer and shows a lack of understanding about subjectivity. Thanks for the opprtunity to clarify!

It’s not even so much storytelling, good or bad, in this case as it is NEVER actually explaining anything or just trying to pretend they don’t just come up with shit on the fly. This is less like the Star Wars EU and more like the useless-as-fuck Datalogs in Final Fantasy 13. No, wait, even comparing Las Lindas to FF13 is an insult to FF13.

Like I already said, it’s not even storytelling. And it’s inexcusable. They never think things through or explain anything, and then expect us to go to the forum if we have questions and wade through tons of absolute bullshit to find out if there’s maybe a nugget of truth somewhere, if it’s even mentioned at all. And that’s when they’re not relegating apparently canon events to a fucking NON-CANON PORN BLOG. And it goes even beyond that. What Las Lindas has isn’t storytelling anymore, it’s a mix of laziness, retconning when caught forgetting their own lore, bullshitting to cover for their lack of ability to explain anything, horrible prioritizing, making shit up as they go, telling people what they want to hear, lifting ideas from the fans and passing them off as ideas they’ve had since 2004, and even forgetting what is and isn’t supposed to be canon.

And no, that’s not subjective. These are OBJECTIVELY things they do.

While they may be objectively doing the things you describe, only some of them are indicative of anything objective, and in those cases it is a matter of bad recordkeeping and community management rather than anything wrong with the storytelling itself, which is subjective. It is also plenty excusable, not the least of which is that they’re not professionals and, as tired (yet true) a response as it can be, no one is forcing you to continue reading. As such something about the work must have you invested enough to complain continuously.

In such a case, you and Mr. Sterwart are being objectively bad critics; your message may have merit, no no author would listen to you when you present yourselves as you do. I hope you continue to enjoy the comics in whatever ways you currently do.

>While they may be objectively doing the things you describe, only some of them are indicative of anything objective

No, all of them are.

>and in those cases it is a matter of bad recordkeeping and community management rather than anything wrong with the storytelling itself

No, it’s the storytelling too. Bad recordkeeping has jack shit to do with their tendency to pull things out of their asses on the spot or lift ideas from the forum or just flaunt their inability to actually care and expect us to buy it as legitimate, and the community isn’t making them do any of the shit they do, the community is the side largely eating up every ounce of BS they’re fed.

>It is also plenty excusable, not the least of which is that they’re not professionals

No it isn’t, and they present themselves as though they are. “It’s not a pro job, calm down” is not an excuse for such horribly sloppy, OBJECTIVELY BAD writing.

>you and Mr. Sterwart are being objectively bad critics

No, maybe you just don’t like what we said.

Seriously, if you can look at this fuckin’ page, this purely awful and uncaring storytelling, and seriously state “It’s only subjectively bad writing”, that’s sad on so many levels.

I respect your opinion on the matter, however I must agree to disagree on the basis that you are unable to separate objectivity and subjectivity, and in attempting to defend your subjective view you have attempted to subvert my own. I apologize if you have been offended, and wish you the best in continuing to enjoy the comic.

Al, Al, Al, what this guy is trying to say, is that if you hit your head with a hammer enough times, you’ll be able to enjoy the comic, that, or live in enough denial and think that it’s just a silly comic and take it lightheartedly, like when a child shows you a drawing they made and you just go on with the show telling them it’s the best thing ever xD

>melee is useless cause Alej smashed Mora over the face with a shotgun and BROKE IT, but the dumb cow was FINE.

No no, that’s just because she’s Mora. No, seriously, Alej was shocked she wasn’t even hurt by it, remember? And then we were informed that it’s because Mora’s a literal demon.

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