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The only way I know of testing this in real life is to stick other creature’s boogers up our nose. Sounds … unsanitary.

So we may never know for certain. On the other hand, if someone does actually write a paper about this in the future, it will most definitely win an Ig Nobel Prize. So there’s that.

I believe that simple logic and an understanding of biology can answer this question. As all animal life is different down to each speice’s DNA it can be assumed that all boogers smell different from one species to another as the protein structure for said booger would be slightly different as different immune systems protect against different bacteria and viruses thus meaning that a different protien structure would be needed to capture them. Individual body chemestry would also affect the smell, texture, consistency, colour, and even taste. In the same way other biological matter smells different from person to person – which is accounted by differences in race, environment, diet, and effectiveness of biological processes (this includes that of microbes in the digestive track). Making each booger smell different from that of another from a differnt time, individual, or speices. Please note that this is not a paper but I would like my Nobel Prize to be sent to my mom’s house.

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