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*Reads Blog*
Aw…man! XD

Kidding aside, I guess Jupiter’s mind trick back fired big time!


*rushs off and came back with 750 books* best find a cure quickly before its to late im sure one of these might hold the cure if not then its off to the magic vault *pulls out one of the books and starts reading to try find a cure*

give me some of those, im a very fast reader

sure *hands half the books to Gravedigger* sure thats the half i didnt read yet you check those while i head to the vault im sure i have a tome or a artifact to make a cure best hurry on to the north pole since thats where the entrance is best get by enviromental bio suit on *rushs off*

cue lets get it started music

EUREKA!!! *pulls out a old spell tome* found this in the vault the tome of a sagrioficus a book that contains 250 ancient spells, incantations and potions here and i have some good news but abit of bad news the good news is i found a potion that holds the cure for it the bad news is im fresh out of phoinex blood, fire dragon talons, claws of werewolf, banshee tears, cockatrice feathers and cinnamon i could easy get the cinnamon from a shop but the rest will be tricky since i still have sea serpent scales, ectoplasam, cerberus claw and the fangs of a hydra but until i get the required ingredients that im lacking we cant able make the potion

got no choice but to go do some dimensional traveling to get the ingredients *pulls out a wristband* luckly i finished testing my dimensional travel wristband lets be able travel to dimensions this way ill get the ingredients*puts on the wristband pushs a button and a portal opens up* see you later ill be back in a while *enters the portal which the portal closes behind him*

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