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the size of Hawkes boobs continues to change…

Am I the only one that thinks the ones in the beginning looked good?

And normal compared to the ones in this page, the earlier ones are by far better:

Master Godai, bigger is not always better. No offense meant 🙂

No I agree with you, they looked so much better smaller, these headsize things make my back hurt just thinking about it.

your not the only one my wife said the same thing, but in other-news where is godai did he get hit over the head by angry females that have hurt backs,,, its been almost 2 weeks since a update to this comic{i checked the other one and its my wife whined i want to see more hawke!}

I definitely agree with that. The breasts in the beginning looked the best and more realistic too. On some pages I swear they look like they’re popping out like torpedoes (like on the second example you provided).
On this picture I can barely make out a collar bone either, it seems to jump from neck to boob almost. And I can definitely respect that each artist has their own personal style and everything, but just a comment.

Yeah…I kind of noticed that too. I just assumed it was the magic “enhancing” his girliness.

Do tell, how exactly does having huge breasts equate to more feminine? O_o

Not exactly what I meant per se. I’ve noticed that his chest has been getting bigger (at least that’s what it looks like) throughout the series thus far and have noticed that his female side is coming out more. That was intend to be a joke XD

Going to go and voice my opinion up on this one too. There’s characters who big breasts works with, but Hawke’s not one of them in my opinion. Last panel of works fine. The torpedo thing, I don’t know. It puts me off a bit. That’s just me, though. I’m a sucker for proportions. O.O

p.s. Sorry for any bad english, this isn’t my mother thongue :p

Also, this comic didn’t get an update for… more than a month. I hope it resumes soon!

Oh for Pete’s sake who cares how tall this creature is or what its breast size is. There aren’t even any markings anyway, for all you know the top line is 2 feet tall. Why can’t there just be a story development. There’s a conflict, and I want to at least see progress toward a resolution, not this.

HOW LONG MUST WE WAIT???????????????

calm down getting worked up of it wont solve a thing

im just dying with anticipation
I didn’t mean to scream my cap locks was stuck.

well do what i do try something to help keep you busy while waiting

I wonder if there’s a slight possibility that Hawke could have both parts of the opposite gender, YOU know what I mean. (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) ;D

Don’t even think about it, it sounds wrong considering the last page

Mr. E said a evil thing which we had to make sure he wouldnt bring it up again i almost lost my lunch thats to him

*Preps up a Psystrike attack while my eyes glow orange-yellow* Dude, I can handle criticism, but what you said wasn’t criticism, it was an insult. If you can’t comment anything nice, DON’T comment at ALL. You have to treat others, even YOU, with respect. If you have a problem with me thinking that Hawke should be a Herm, fine, and if I accidentally almost made you lose your lunch I’m sorry. But I don’t want you or ANYONE to say hurtful things like that again. ~{(ᕙ)}~ (€(ì)_(í))

*appers behind Mr.E revealing the one Mr. E hit was a kage bushin* nice try you think i didnt plan ahead oh and while you were attacking the kage bushin i placed a explosive seal on you where you cant reach all i have to do is a hand sign and boom bye bye Mr. E

*appers infront of Mr. E and punched Mr. E in the face knocking him out cold* hehe you fell for the kage bushintrick again now *ties Mr. R up with rope and chains and opened a portal and tossed Mr. E throw the portal and sealed the portal* there hope he likes to face his worst fears and his nightmares for i say about 7 years til he gets out of the rope and chains and out the dimension

dont think i forgot about you *made a demonic scythe apper out of nowhere and used intense speed with the demonic scythe to slice up ComicGuy and then fires a energy blast to destroy the remains* dont mess with me *voice changes to demonic* or youll awaken the inner demon with in and make you wish to never get in my way

*appers in a forcefield* you know youll destroy yourself in the progress while ill live with the force feild and this *pulls out a computer* the dimensional creator pc with a unhackable security feature that has a finger print scanner and voice passcode * uses the dimensional creator pc to restore the dimension but doesnt add ComicGuy and Mr. E to excistance in the newly restored dimension* checkmate

*appears in the force field next to Bladra with a Kage bushin buster, presses the button which destroys all the clones, then uses the computer to restore the universe except Bladra no matter what happens until next page* (€’-‘)

*appers outside of the forcefield and seems uneffected due to the computer only works for bladra does a jedi move to reobtain the computer and pulls out a button then pressed it which turned the forcefield into a see through negative barrier that traps anyone inside it which is impossible to escapes then bladra opens a portal pushs Mr. E causeing Mr. E to roll into the portal and then closing the portal trapping Mr. E in a prison dimension that is only used as a last resort that to seal someone away forever* nice try im just two steps ahead of you the chances of getting out of that is 0% for the negitive barrier negates teleportation due to energy frequency and it heals so it cant be broken through

ahem *bladra appers to been uneffected* you think i didnt plan ahead you see during making of this dimension i set abit which only i can go through back and forth to check on the prisoners meaning im immuned from being disintergrated you really should of though of that more carefully baka

*Bladra disintegrates again* “Well I also thought ahead and using my powers, I remade the dimension to not affect me, but to also disintegrate you even if you regenerated and only I can reset the dimension you made. And that goes the same for your other dimensions too.”

*Unleashes a Psystrike and a Silver Wind attack, Mr. E’s Attack, Defense, Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, and Speed greatly increased. Mr. E ate a Star Candy, E completely healed.* “I told you, I remade the dimension to not affect me.”

i warned you for i kept a secert overide codes that only work by my voice so say goodbye for good dimension code:3847378248234 alpha 39287 *the moment bladra said the code Mr. E’s arms were ripped off his body along with his head then his intestines burst out his body wrapped around his head while his bones rearranged themselfs into a grandfather clock form placing the hanged head like a pendulum and then and then crows appers pecking out the eyes of Mr. E* now to fix this up for good dimension repair code: 99348 beta 990 *the dimension is repaired itself*
also lockdown control code : x843 * bladra quickly teleports out of the dimension before the lockdown which then the dimension emited 800,000,000 barriers and rings of a black fire appered around the remains of Mr. E*

dude what the hell you should of been dead that does it *grabs Mr. E’s head and rips it clean off crushs it then punchs right into Mr. E’s chest pulls Mr. E’s heart out and crushs that too along with ripping off Mr. E’s legs and shove them up Mr. E’s butt pulls out a flamethrower and burns the corpse for good* when i want you to stay down *voice changes to a darkly tone that scares anyone* you stay down!!

ggrr*roars in anger then fired 999,999,999 ki energy blasts to Mr. E then fired a special beam cannon at Mr. E then did a shadow clone which both fired a tri beam at Mr. E and then a kamehameha wave to Mr. E which then the energy from all the attacks combines emitting a explosion which was 100% certian that noone will survive it* that got him i swear if he appers again*voice changes to a demonic voice* i’ll teleport him to a one way dimension which leads to vampires wanting to drain him dry!!!

ggrrr why wont you stay dead *pulls out a high tech like blaster and pulls the trigger which the shot hit Mr. E and teleported Mr. E to a dimension full of vampires where Mr. E can NEVER escape* this is getting annoying i mean i had him killed in ways noone not even with regeneration powers could survive i mean i did the only way to kill someone how can regenerate destroy the heart and head and they stay dead

guess its time for a little surprise and also it wont be a kage bushin look behind you *Mr. E looks behind and went pale for he saw the biggest army he ever saw and the army was a army of bladra armed with every weapon from swords, maces, crossbows to high tech weapons from halo 4, mass effect 3, lost planet 3, borderlands 2, and also every armed land vehicle from halo 4, lost planet and also mech suits ready to fire which then Mr. E heard a noise which he turned around and saw a shotgun aimed for his head* also i added a feature that if you harm a clone you get equal damage and also im a clone also the real one is here you just cant tell so check mate

*one of the bladra clones pulls the mask off Mr. E with ease before Mr. E had a chance to do it and destroyed the mask* serious you though that would work well your wrong dead wrong i mean using that old trick wont work also you do know this is also the first wave of the army there is still more to come so face you lose your out of extra lifes its game over for you surrender and we might not kill you

*pulls out a luger and shoots one of the bladra clones, who luckily happened to be the real one. the other clones look at Mr. E and disappear. Mr. E walks over to Bladra’s body.* “I surrender.”
*Mr. E walks off into the sunset. Iris-in cues but is interrupted by Mr. E who sticks his head out and talks to the audience.* “Don’t worry folks, Bladra will be back, just madder than ever.” *E pulls his head back in and the Iris-in closes.*

*a portal appers and bladra appers out of the portal which it closes* hehe blood clone jutsu got to love it since its able trick people i wonder how he would react the small payback for cheating death i hope he likes his house being painted orange with poka dots and his cloths have enough itching powder that it would take 78 washs to get it off along of changing the piping to so he has to get tobasco sauce from the sinks good think i payed afew people to allow it and also the nightmare charms i hid in his home so he would get nightmares i even placed decoys in it to trick him well best get back got some diablo III to play *opens a new portal went through the portal and the portal closes*

you say another word of it again *loads shotgun* and youll regret it big time

what he said*reloads AK-47* Hawke is beautiful just the way she is

easy you two, and ain’t that a little over the top?

no that isnt going over the top ordering 84576 soldiers armed with lazer rifles and giant mechs with miniguns on then and rocket launchers along with gaigantic spaceship aiming a partical cannon at the guys head would been over the top

i almost forgot rumors of sopa is coming back dont ask why im saying this to yous im just the messenger

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