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Man, I like how that redhead has the “Oh s**t!” look at the end!

Lol, yeah! Gotta love when she reacted when she see Reiko holding her brother. Have you noticed when Quick pout?

Now things REALLY!! gonna get interesting. Let the battle of “sexyness” BEGINS!!

I’m betting on Reiko

50 on the panty ninja

I’ll double that. Reiko never loses a sexyness war…except MAYBE with her mom? DEM JUGS.

Not just those, its everything about her. To sum it up in the best way possible. DEM CURVES!!

My bets on the redhead for this one, NOTHING is more cute than an embarrassed expression on a girls face, it says “I need a hug Please” and “Don’t look at me” at the same time. I predict the expression will appear somewhere in the next 10 pages. Any Takers?

She’s either gonna kill him or….nah she’s gonna kill him.

naw she won’t get a chance to kill him as she will be trying to hide from her in which it will be useless with Reiko’s keen sexy senses XD

Well now. This oughta be good.

well yeah I mean Jen thought she was getting a bargain with Quick working for her “cheaper” now she will have to beg Quick *bro how much do I have to pay you to keep her out of here and off me?* XD

lol I wonder what Quick will think of that?

Still time to place a wager, folks! How many undies will Reiko get her hands on?
I’m thinking twenty. That’s my number, and I’m sticking to it!

she’ll nab every piece of underwear in the building, including yours

Yeah, right. Sure she will. I mean, she’s a good Kunoichi but I doubt she’s THAT good… Ooop, on a related note, anybody else feel a draft?

Um… What’s between Jen’s boobs there?

its true quick is kind of a “stud” he even has the PIMP HAT to prove i!!!!

actually Sky has yet to buy him that hat. god knows he deserves it.

Jen is a TwoKinds templar, I see?

Super Smash Bros. actually.
But yes, very similar to the Templar logo from TK.

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