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glad to hear your mom’s doing better.
my mom had to have knee surgery last month, went through a milder form of the same experience. not being able to walk for the better part of 4 weeks (and still having trouble now without crutches/cane) had her very frustrated.

So that is a common reaction then? I honestly didn’t know and was really worried.

i don’t know how common, but i’ve seen several times that after people are prevented from doing what they are used to, they tend to respond with emotional swings. it seems to depend on the person. the worst seems to be with people who are usually the ones that support others and who other people rely on.. when they find themselves in the role of the one to be supported and relying on others, it tends to hit them hard.

I went through some emotional swings when I fractured my collar bone as well. I am just thinking from my own experience, but after a couple of weeks I did get used to not being able to using one of my arms. It is good to hear she is getting better. Tell her we all wish her well 🙂

My wife’s father was once a pretty active guy (though getting on a bit) until one day he fell over and, well, that was it. He kind of shut down and never really recovered. Something in his head just snapped and he spent the rest of his days just sitting and drinking.
So it was a damn good thing that you could be there to support your mum. Sometimes it’s not just the physical damage that you have to deal with.

sorry to hear about your mom getting hurt sometimes depression can hit whenever person feels they are useless because they cant do anything for themselves like they should be able to normally , i am betting she feeling useless becauseshe cant even self groom herself and thats is what your mom going thru, and on sidenote can we get maytae to eat that damn pod person, please she really getting to the point where she gets interrupted trying to save her only and having a person that can interrupt her healing spells totally need to be shown that she not just some common mage

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