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Who doesn’t love cheese cake and beautiful Ladies. I know i do. Pirates for the win

That teddy bear should be canon.

Miles would love this.

what guy wouldn’t????


I absolutely agree with first statement.

Im going to save this picture for a rainy day!

you sick pervert!!

Gravedigger knows where you live son, you better check yourself before ya wreck yourself!!!!!

I wish I was the teddy bear!!!!!!!

wait is it my birthday?? it must be, a naked princess and cake are involved!!!

thanks for the best gift ever Mastergodai!!!!!

its not your birthday, you filthy liar!!!!!!!!!

hey now, ya shouldn’t be spreading dirty lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

says you!

Oh, wow. Had no idea! XD I can relate to that one, then! At first, I was thinking “What’s these guys problems”, but if you guys know each other in real life (Brothers, no less) Then I have no complaint! My bro and I don’t get along all the time either, lol! XD

Can you pass me that cutiepie the one holding the stuffed animal? She is in desperate need of a good tongue bath.

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