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Boris created a monster for a daughter to understand why he turns into a monster.

I’m not sure if that’s fitting, ironic, or what.

Since she said that Johan is dead, does that mean he will come back as a cyborg instead of just a robotic leg?

I still say that Caroline is one of the most adorable and misunderstood people on that ship, and Borris’ facepalm only adds to the comedic effect.. And I almost suspect that this page is a foreshadowing to a lot of future cell cloning/resurrection of cast members in the future.. Or at least some fun next few pages.

oh NixieSeal, your not a horrible person, every good story has to have a variety of different character personalities and Caroline just happens to give the story something it didn’t have before.

and Gravedigger still thinks your character’s eyes are really creepy

I move someone in this comic creates a PDS (Pun defense system) that launches a brick at anyone who cracks a bad pun

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