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Is Cree packing Las Lindas dolls?

i think that’s taffy and toby

Oh Snap! It’s been awhile since we’ve seen this mother tiger and her two daughters! This is going to be so much fun.

Onto the strip, I can’t help but feel that she’s really ticked about the whole “not our mother comment” yet anxious as to how she’s going to pull this off.

Don’t know if I have ever seen so many replies from RazorFox on one page before 😉

…Well, at least Tshila has a Baby Bump to aid her in playing the part of Sandy Claws if it goes that route.

And I think Arc is getting a lump of coal along with her My Little Dracony Doll this year.

If not from Sandy Claws, then definitely from Tshila. ^__^

But the question. Is Coal an edible eatable to either Fire and/or Earth Dragons?

Lets hope they bring Las Lindas comment section back, it was awesome while we had it and for some reason i believe there is an option to block unregistered users from making comments

The decision to have comment sections lies with the creative forces behind each individual comic. I can’t speak for Chalo, Soulkat, ID and company, but as far as “Draconia Chronicles” is concerned, as long as I have the option to have a comments section, then there’ll be one here. I do wield a banhammer, but I’m happy to have used it only seldomly. Though there’s been drama here a couple times before, I prefer to attempt mediation first before resorting to banning. There’s already plenty of drama between the Dragons and the Tigers. No need for us to recreate that out here. ^__^

They got any wolves in Draconia? I could mediate betwixt them.

Any wolves in the Draconiaverse would be non-sapient ferals. If anything, they’d be allies with the Tigers in hunting common prey.

Only like 90% of the time, 5% for reading and education, 5% for feeding and sleeping but sleeping also crosses in with the 90% since I get the wierdest dreams, sometimes minx sometimes tigress, sometimes vixen… depends mostly on what comic is on my mind before I take a nap.

I really hope the next continuing strip of the adventure involves the two races discovering how not so violent the other is. also if anyone is wondering, I hope I am making the topic more about social interaction in a friendly environment rather than part of so derived perverts evil fantasy, no offence to anyone in particular, and may the Draconian gods have mercy on their souls…

…and now that I think about it, I don’t seem to know or understand what I am talking about now, but I guess it doesn’t matter at the moment.

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