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question… is the 3rd center panel is a day dream panel?


wait? So that she weas literally hitting on her and saying “My best Senpai?” You confuse me dude… How exactly!? *face palm*

Wait a minute…that tail wag…that innocent/naive stare…are those two hitting it off? I had no idea that those two swang for the same team! And if I’m not mistaken, they’re both dogs. So…*Insert Species* style. XD

This is going good, yes… But what about her kitty cat?

Probably went to the pound when she got arrested.

couple questions. does the 6 in Zero six lead to how many members are part of the special unit? If so does this mean that like Revy we are gonna learn back story behind each member including the captain? Cause that would be pretty cool ^_^.

Great to see a moment of adorable Revy, but what happened to her cat? o.o

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