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Ya know it actually only NOW occurred to me… What if someone ACTUALLY remembers Jill?

Also what if -and hear me out now- WHAT IF… *puts on tinfoil hat with neuralyzer proof sunglasses with an X-files poster and wall sized “all conspiracies are actually meant to hide ONE true conspiracy” world map behind him* …it’s actually Trilby right HERE? *Dun-dun-DUNNNN* O_O

That’s it. You may disprove me now. :”3

Possibly a stupid question, but what exactly is Alex doing in panel 4? It looks like she’s either performing a bitchin’ side kick, or trying some new interpretation of the Can-Can routine. O_o

Well as she’s a cat I’d say she’s trying to shake the thing off of her leg that’s “stuck to it”, but if I try to be more logical then it’s more like she’s either testing how tight it is or just trying to shake it a bit loose as it might feel weird to have a metal cuff on one’s leg at the beginning. 🙂

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