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Aria seems a lot harsher in this guest strip.

and how can she be cat-like??? isn’t she a cat

I think it was a joke

but she still seems kinda harsh

She’s a spoiled brat. This is how it goes.

(Sorry to get back late, I don’t get notifications for replies)
She’s the princess of a kingdom. “Daddy’s little princess” usually refers to this or the dad’s way of saying, “I am going to spoil you rotten.”. Now if they really ARE royalty, you bet your (sweet) ass they’re spoiled.
(Sweet depending on your gender.)

i know what your talking about, but shes not as spoiled as you see some princesses, she was denied what she really wanted by “daddy” and she has plotted to take what she wants by force. but she manages to have the im better you poor folks attitude!!!! and would you like to know how to get notifications???

I really like Milo’s design. :3

What is he, exactly, or will that be revealed later?

I thought he was a demon?

How’d you come to that conclusion?

It’s the horns! All things with horns are demons! Even goats and cows!!!1!

Not gonna argue about the goats. My mother had a ranch for a while with goats on it and those things earned the title ‘demon’.

Cows, on the other hand…
Let’s just say there’s a reason it’s “bullfighting” and not “cowfighting”.
Fighting bulls is safer.

Negative; demons are incapable of being so adorable you just wanna huggle them. =3

You know, Milo seems to have a rather easy-going nature. Not the sort of nature one would have if one was the target of intense bullying (which would be normal if he is very far from the ‘ordinary’).

Thus, I am guessing humans aren’t the only sentients in this story. ‘Father’ is definitely human and Milo is definitely not. While it is certain Milo faces some problems from children, I doubt he faces much from adults.

some of the comments were here 16 days from the last page post. I know it’s difficult to establish a schedule, but…

I read 38 webcomics each day. On one of them this past
weekend, an alert went out with a weblink to a serious threat of censorship of
webcomics. The webcomic is called “the Devil’s Panties” and those who read that
comic know Obby (the person raising this alert) does not tend to be an
alarmist, but he is very good with digital technology.

I am providing the alert and the link to every webcomic I
read and every online game I play. Since many of the webcomics and 4 of the
games I play say posting links could get the poster banned from that webcomic
or game, you can see how serious I consider the alert.

Below is the link to Obby’s alert and the link to the
company he’s alerting everyone about.

I truly hope I am wrong about the seriousness of this alert.

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