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Thing with adblock is, I use it to block annoying social media buttons and other useless junk besides the main comic and comments section, so…

Might I suggest Ghostery then?
It has controls to enable or disable individual services, so you can disable all social media save for Project Wonderful.

It’s not as if we’re asking you to uninstall adblock, just to whitelist this one page. Ad revenue is the only way we have to cover hosting costs.

In other words, it’s basically what allows this comic to exist.

Besides, there’s only one banner ad between that and the comic.

I think that’s the first time I’ve seen her actually be cute-adorable. She should really do that more often.

Oh? don’t you remember “the one look to rule them all”?

But yeah, it’s a side of her I haven’t been able to show too often as of late, considering the ongoing events.

But don’t be trapped by just her eyes; it’s her message that’s important here.

I simply like that fact that we get to see one of the main characters in different clothing. 😛

Yeah, it’s nice to draw them in other outfits once in a while, even if it is just as a rough.

Well we get so used to characters wearing the same thing constantly due to either story or arc. But does bring about the joke of characters in series having a closet full of the exact same outfit. XD

Yeah, it’s an easy trap to fall into. Then again you have to realize that they haven’t been on the island that long, and about 3 of those days were skipped while nekonny was passed out so we really didn’t get to see them wear many outfits.

hey nekonny what other comics are you planing to do now that cb is nearing the ending, do you plan on doing a follow-up of the aftermath of the fight years after?, because i love both comics and really want to know what your planning on doing

At first I’ll go back to drawing Tina OnLine, possibly under a new title. Then I might do short stories like iMew every so often.

I loved Tina Online but I hope you continue it after CB is over. Kind of like an epilogue of sorts. Not that the original wasn’t great.

TOL is sort of a prequel to CB, at one point eventually it would show them heading off to their tropical island adventure, then the next strip would simply be “Insert Caribbean Blue here”.

You’re free to ask me to turn off adblock, but the answer is “Ni!”, er “No.”

Actually, I’m only asking that you whitelist this one site as a sign of support to the artist. Would you knock over a sign belonging to a street performer you enjoyed listening to?

Well that depends. Is the street performer also pulling in a bunch of coin from other, better sources? The money someone gets from ads, seems like a drop in the bucket compared to say Patreon, which artists like KennoArkkan are making mad bank from. So it just seems a bit silly to go “Put up with these pesky ads, so I can get a relative pittance.”.

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