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DON’T TRUST HER! For the love of all the is holy, unholy, and indifferently holy do not trust her! Ramalach just got freed, the world is different than what he is use to but he wants to survive! Big plans with no power base are a fools gamble! Better to lay low and enjoy the wonders of technology, plus you are right she would kill you both if she knew about your upstairs guest.

aye dont trust her there something fishy about her i cant put my finger on it why i am geting the vibe from her but so far ramalach doesn’t have reason to lie about this now, if he saying that healing spells cant stop a infection then i would believe to some degree about maybe he knows a infection removal spell that would cure it and let the healing help heal the leg

sorry to hear about your friends telling you that and dont always believe the person saying that about being unemployed for a year or more, some people dont have the right training to get the job or doesnt have the education to work at that level of the job… i speak from personal experinces when i say i always had trouble landing a job due my mental condition ADHD and another problem on top of the learning disability i also have..

Just wanted to say. Love the story.
As for employment, don’t worry too much. The important part of you are unemployed for a while is to mention what you did while unemployed. Worked on at skills, want a vacation before starting your career. Just need to put a positive spin when describing it. As long as you demonstrate it was either planned or that you spent the time on self improvement they will see you as motivated, not a troublemaker.

Good luck with the job!

Ramalach got the sense that she was like another deivon before she opened the door. That’s alarming- there would be no sense in him lying about someone he never met and knows next to nothing about. There’s also something… unnerving, about her zeal for hunting down deivon. Zeal like that tends to be based on irrational hatred or ulterior motives.

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