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Hey Wow. I remember I coloured this page for you a long time ago! Wow, I was fairly inexperienced back then. Are you guys still staying black and white?

We’re actually talking about that on the forums right now. We’d like to go color again soon but we’ll need to pay a colorist to do it.

I don’t have an account on the Kat Box forums. Mind if I weigh in here? … I think colour could still work extremely well for you guys. The Minimalistic cell shading style would still suite it very well. But you could play with the dynamics and contrast / pallets that represent each page. For a brighter more playful page with Alex you could use analogous colour schemes. For a darker more dramatic look you could go more desaturated or monochromatic (like an entire page done in a monochromatic blue or red). And for a scenic shot you could do complimentary or split complimentary. Colour adds a lot more underlying emotion to each page and can make you feel anxious, sad, jubilant etc. I’d say go for it! If it can be done right it’s worth the expense. You should hold a submission session / tryouts for colourists and then pick from the best you see. Good luck!

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