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Oh frag! He’s dead meat now the blabber mouth.

ooookay. Now we meet Godai version of Queen Oscuras

Well, looks like Rush is going to have to get into the act sooner than expected. Hopefully Moon doesn’t cause an interstellar incident in the meantime.

cause that would be wrong, right??

no Radar just a very awkward situation especially if towards a member of the Royal family.

Uh, whoops? Didn’t Swoop want to avoid her parents because of what may or may not be an arranged marriage?

and how is Hawke supposed to know Swoop’s family affairs? when she got her hands full with juggling a shaky relationship with Rush and trying to get back to normal plus 3 other gals that are after him.

all hail the green one!!!!!!!!!!


wow, those curves. wait, swoop’s mother only has one horn? her head must be terribly unbalanced.

attention everyone urgent news rumors of the SOPA is about to return if they succed fan art of webcomics, videogames, anime and manga would get ereased along with any clips involing it from youtube gets removed and include those who are fans of any fanfiction stories and if they win they might do who knows what else like get rid of webcomics that might have even a filler that have any involement of any videogames, anime, manga, movies or TV shows

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