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and I thought it was actually happening, now I feel like an idiot

hey look on the bright side…..

what bright side??

Wait.. was all that really just a day dream or is this after the parents show up?!

I was thinking “oh good he did get to introduce her and things can be explained” but then I got to panel 3 and thought “…What?” and then I got smacked with the fact she was day dreaming, similar to how she got smacked by that pole, only my face took more damage than the pole.

I still think Quick made the wrong choice. Jazmin is the superior alternative, which was also showed in the voting poll earlier.

It seems like you forgot to do Quicks ear in the 4th panel ^^; correct me if i am wrong xD ^^

No, It looks like he had the line for the shadow, but never drew it. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts~

^^ i have nothing to say but YAY!
the picture took forever to load so as i was reading the bits that loaded -_- slowly. i got more and more confused and annoyed at quick, not even thinking it was a dream. then BAM! i fall over face read couldn’t breath XD

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